Happy, Drunky Tuesday

So on Tuesday C. and the bartender returned from Florida, which prompted a Tuesday night get together down at the bar above the secret bar. When I got there at around 6:30 it was just the three of us plus the owner. C. and the bartender brought many gifts including chopsticks for yours truly (the approposicity of the chopsticks relates to a blog entry that I never got around to writing).

We had a nice time chatting and looking at their pictures. The owner was in one of those “let’s have a few drinks” modes so we were all buzzing fairly quickly. A few other people showed up and it turned into a nice little Tuesday. Now, Ms. Hold ‘Em had a night class final exam so I sent her a message saying where we were and suggested she come down though I knew she wouldn’t because she had another final at 8 the next morning.

Then I got her text reply: “I look awful today.” Wait a minute! That wasn’t a polite ‘no’! So I replied as smart suitor would, complimenting her on her inability to ever look awful. I didn’t here further from her for a while, so I figured that that in fact was her way of saying no. Then about a half hour later she wrote again, asking if we were still there. “Oh yeah!” was both my thought and my reply.

So, she came down. I inwardly cursed the fact that I had been drinking like someone who planned to leave by 9, just when she was arriving. But that’s okay. I’m sure she knew what to expect. Anyway, we had a wonderful time together, seemingly as always. Because I was well-oiled I was in a talkative mood and, though we spent time talking to our other friends, we spent a lot of time huddled together, enjoying each other’s company.

When we were outside for a smoke-break, she looked me in the eye and told me that she had missed me. And I inwardly kicked myself because I had been feeling exactly the same way that day but had played it all cool and never said it.  And then we got into a retionship discussion and seemed to be on the same page–we’ve been taking things as they come, and yet at the same time clearly growing closer and closer by leaps and bounds. We talked about an upcoming charity event we’re both taking part in (and it’s a bar crawl! woot!). She mentioned, as she has before, that she has no intention of going home that night. So I suggested staying at my new place. At first, she was cautious and saying that maybe she should just stay with a female friend, but after more relationshipy talk, agreed that it would be nice to wake up next to someone. Actually the conversation went something like this:

Ms. Hold ‘Em: I don’t know if I should, because it’s really cool waking up alone every morning.

Me: I know, cuddling really sucks. It’s so much better to be able to roll over to the cold side of the bed.

 Ms. Hold ‘Em: Yeah, after a couple years of waking up to no one, I’m pretty much enjoying the hell out of it.

Me: So, you’ll stay?

Ms. Hold ‘Em: Just warning ya, I snore.

Me: Wait til you hear me…

Yeah, so that’s all nice and stuff.

Anyway, not much else to say about Tuesday, except that we stayed out until midnight, long after either of us should have, but we really didn’t want to leave each other. Ms. Hold ‘Em played some pool with a pool league friend and asked him if he had any problem with me because, if he did, I was dead to her (luckily he didn’t). And, in the end, we said goodnight out by her car both of us wishing, I think, that we were going the same way home. So, I should be seeing her tonight, poker night, and Friday for our date.

Oh, except for the foot of snow that’s about to pummel this area and leave us stranded tonight seemingly a million miles apart. Fucking snow. I’m missing her so damned bad.

Is this blog getting too sickly sweet for all of you?  Or are you waiting for the big fall?


6 Responses to “Happy, Drunky Tuesday”

  1. Pat Says:

    I had a nice night out too on Tuesday but yours sounds full of promise and I hope it goes well. There would be the threat of snow of course. Its always the way. Fingers crossed for you.
    Michele says hi!

  2. Square1 Says:

    Not at all. As the true sappy kind of person that I am, I’m rooting for a happily ever after here. It’s nice to hear that you missed her.

    I’m sure Michele would think so too.

  3. gautami Says:

    I wish you all the best. Sappy or not..I am sucker for it. Go for it!

    Michele sent me here to root for you!

  4. Carmi Says:

    Whatever comes next, bring it on, Joe. Here from Michele’s, and enjoying your journey.

  5. gautami Says:

    Michele sent me here again to boost you up!

    reading room

  6. Bubblehead Says:

    Fun to hear about your ride. Much more exciting than my day-to-day for sure.

    Here from Michele’s. Good luck with Ms Hold Em

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