So It Wasn’t the Comforter Keeping Me Warm

So, I don’t know if I’ve expressed this in this here blog before, but I’ve really been surprised by the steady, speedy course Ms. Hold ‘Em and I seem to be on. Happy, yes. But surprised too. I know I have expressed some doubts that have crept into my head about why this is all progressing so quickly–you know, whether I’m this guy that she really likes who also offers some sort of stability or am I this stability that is in the form of a guy who’s good enough. What I’m saying is, I fear that she might be settling.

But I guess I’ll figure that one out as we go along.

For now let me catch up on the past week.

Snow. I was looking forward to Thursday night–a chance to go to the secret bar, more importantly, a chance to hang out with Ms. Hold ‘Em after she was done dealing. But then god interferred by dropping like a foot of snow on the area. Oh sure I got the bonus half-day, but Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t driving the ten plus miles in such crappy conditions. So , after spending all week waiting for Thursday, it was a bust. Amazingly, C. managed to open the secret bar that evening and, saving the night from a total, reclusive shut-in event, I managed to get down there around 10. Sure, they closed at 11 because of the weather, but I managed to insure my status as a legendary faithful customer. A couple other people were there and, at that point, the driving really wasn’t THAT bad. But, anyway, snow.

Friday, though, couldn’t have been better. Ms. Hold ‘Em and I went out on a date. But it was a date with a difference. First off, instead of the whole thing being all date-like and stuff, we started off by going to Staples because she needed some photocopying done. It was funny because though all she needed was 60 copies–and there was absolutely no line–the worker said it would be 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes? So, anyway, we wandered through the store and discovered that we’re both very good at that game of ‘making funny comments about different products while you wander through an office supply store waiting for your photocopies that are taking, for no known reason, 15 minutes’–I’m sure you’ve played that game too. Anyway, it was fun.

Then we started the date-like portion of the evening with a really nice dinner at her favorite Italian restaurant in Spiffled. Although at times our mutual quietness gets the best of us, we both had good stories to tell. And it was nice to have a dinner that I knew she would love. After the not-yet-written about ‘sushi near debacle’ we needed to get back to some familiar territory for her.

So, after dinner we got to distribute the photocopies that we had made (they’re for a charity event involving a pub crawl) at a number of local bars. Because the person organizing this event hasn’t done much organizing, we were greeted with anything from mild understanding of what was going on to “Um, we’re having our Christmas party that night” (and that was from a bar he owned). We also managed to have a quick drink at each of the establishments as we plowed our way through town. At one of them–the seedy one of course–several people knew Miss Hold ‘Em and she chatted with them. I found out that her favorite uncle was indeed in prison (she never gave me that factoid, but on our first date did say that I would meet him in eight months or so). I’m guessing he took the fall when she offed her last boyfriend or something like that.

Anyway, we eventually made it down to the secret bar, where there were few other customers plus C. and his bartender girlfriend. Oh, and a whole lotta tension between them. Anyway, we hung out and smoked and chatted and played the video games. At around 2 AM, Ms. Hold ‘Em and I headed out. Later I found out that C. felt that his girlfriend was causing the “tension” that made us leave “so early” but really, no, we left because it was 2 and we were tired.

Anyway, as we drove toward the highway, Ms. Hold ‘Em made a comment (which I don’t quite remember at this point) and I somehow misinterpreted it and gave kind of a random answer. Then she was like “No, I’m saying I’m going to call my babysitter and warn her I’m going to be late.”

“Ahhhhh…” I said. “Hell yeah!” I thought.

So, she called her babysitter and said: “I’ll be home at 4:30 or 5. See you then.”

Note to my dear readers: Don’t worry, I won’t be going down porno road or anything like that. 

So anyway, there we were hanging out in my incredibly cold room (the heater isn’t working and the air blows through the closed window like it isn’t there) and we decided to catch a nap until 5 under the toasty warm comforter. And, as the next couple of hours rolled by–yes, we kept delaying getting up until 6–each time I would wake up briefly I was reminded of how wonderful it is to wake up next to someone. It had been over ten months and I guess over time I forgot how special a feeling it is. I’m sure it could be a not-so-special feeling if you’re not quite sure who the person is the next day, but, you know, that’s not the case here.

Anyway, despite the bitterly cold room that greeted us at dawn, we got up and I drove her home. I then, as quickly as possible, shot back to my room to catch some more of that comforter’s toasty warmth. But, as I jumped under there, I wasn’t feeling it anymore. No matter how I adjusted myself the comforter only gave me limited protection against the bitter cold. And then of course I realized it was Ms. Hold ‘Em warming me so much, not the damned K-Mart comforter.

Anyway, the evening taught me two survival lessons: 1) have more cuddly sleep-overs 2) buy a space heater.


6 Responses to “So It Wasn’t the Comforter Keeping Me Warm”

  1. Carmi Says:

    The Canadian in me understands the virtue of never sleeping alone. Somehow, a space heater isn’t as comforting as another set of feet beside you.

    Or a dog. The pooch we rescued earlier this year has developed into quite the little bed buddy. I guess he doesn’t want to be alone, either.

    Dropped by from Michele’s on this fine morning. I’m enjoying your shoulder’s perch view of your experiences.

  2. gautami Says:

    Enjoy that warmth! Suppose Michele send me here to return your hello!

  3. kristyk Says:

    Nothing as good as company on a cold night!

    Here via Michele.

  4. Brian Says:

    Thanks for visiting me via Michele. That sounds like a great date and a better morning. Hope you have many more to come.

  5. utenzi Says:

    A third lesson would be having a nice down comforter. They’re just sooo wonderful—but they definitely take a second seat to sharing a bed. Now sharing a bed with a down comforter on it–that is truly a wonderful thing. Unless it’s summer, of course.

    Sounds like a great date, Joe. I hope the relationship keeps moving forward in such a wonderful way for you (and that she holds on to such an understanding babysitter!).

    Michele sent me over.

  6. craziequeen Says:

    Michele sent me to say hello, and congrats on the cuddly night with Ms Hold ‘Em 🙂

    It’s suddenly turned frosty cold here in the UK and our 18yr old cat is definitely feeling the chill at night and wakes us with miserable crying – perhaps she needs a cuddle-buddy!


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