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Nothing Special

January 31, 2008

Let’s see, in the last week Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have hung out a number of times:

We did homework together (well, each our own) on Monday…

and we had pool night on Tuesday. Oh yeah, and I beat her two more times extending my winning streak to five.

and we planned a mini-vaca to see Carrie Underwood. (Yeah, you heard me right)

and we planned an early summer vaca to the Cape.

and we talked a lot about the future, you know, lots of hypothetical questions.

Crazy shit, eh?

So, what is there to blog about? Maybe I could make it overly dramatic and turn going to New Hampshire for a night into a major life crisis. Or I could give you all the “gory” details of why we always get in much later than planned.

Or, I don’t know.

As I’ve said many times, be prepared for some boring blog entries at times. Not that I consider our (that’s Ms. Hold ‘Em and I, btw) relationship or our times together boring. I’m reveling in every minute of it. But exciting, NSWSMB type writing? Ain’t always happening.

Except for this tidbit:

Out of the blue, K2 got married last weekend and moved out west. I wish I knew more there–THAT’s clearly bloggable. And then there’s the email she sent me that ended with the cryptic: “You’ll all be seeing me again sooner than you can imagine.”

Current music: Nothing Special” by the Jazz Butcher


Happy Blogger, Bad Blogger

January 24, 2008

So anyway, I haven’t been finding much time to write lately. It’s been a combination of trying to keep up with things at work, general tiredness, and, I guess most importantly, a lack of interest in writing about things that are going well.

When I started this blog, it was a means of expressing my frustration with being single again and an outlet for writing about all the crazy aspects of life that I was experiencing for pretty much the first time. Now that I’m in a real, and so far happy, relationship, that urge to write about it is fading fast. Not, just as I keep saying, that it is all boring and tranquil, I just don’t feel the need. I’ve missed some great stories already and will probably miss more, but that’s okay with me. As I keep going with the blog perhaps I’ll focus on others still and not so much myself. That might be one way to keep you amused (I hope) and informed (about something you probably don’t care about).

Anyway, here are a few briefs to make you feel like coming to this blog wasn’t a total waste of time:

Last Saturday, my friend C. (of secret bar fame) opened a super-secret bar in his basement–actually it had been going a few years ago, but it has enjoyed a re-birth. By 6 the next morning though, he was rethinking the idea. Something about sunshine making his eyeballs bleed after the all-nighter.

JetBlue apparently is not all that “into” Mr. Metal Guy. Of course I know the reason is that he has shown normal tendencies–calling you, being nice to you, not being a total shitehead. She’s truly a piece of work, you know, like that abandoned skyscraper in North Korea.

On Tuesday, I–for the third straight time–beat Ms. Hold ‘Em at pool. And then beat one of her teammates! I think I’ll be in the league before I know it. Ms. Hold ‘Em, by the way, won her league match, so it’s not like she sucks at it or anything.

I haven’t seen the Jilted One in awhile. I haven’t been up to that bar in a long time. I’m almost ashamed to go back next week. The last time I was there she scolded me for slowly disappearing on her. But, then again, it was a cute scolding.

Friday night we rented a movie, that Adam Sandler Chuck and Larry (or whatever) movie. Umm, I’m still not sure how to react to it. It was only mildly funny at times and, like any movie like that, it was always trying to walk a fine line between not being offensive and relying on humor about gays (which generally hits offensive pretty quickly in my book). I don’t know. What did you think of it? I know, you were probably smart enough not to watch it.

Other than that, I’m sure there’s plenty more. But I won’t tell you about all our plans to go away this summer, all the wonderful times we’re having, all of our talk about the future, and all of our crossing that bourne again into the limitless possibilities that come with opening your heart.

Just in Case

January 18, 2008

I know, I know, I haven’t posted here in a while. And, what’s worse, I’m not feeling a 100% so I’m not feeling like this post is going to evolve into a masterpiece. But, who knows, I rarely know where these open-ended posts are going to wind up.

But, here goes…

Last Friday we went to a movie. At the theater. Of course, you’re yawning and saying so-fucking-what? but I’ll let you know that the last movie I saw at the theater was the Departed. And before that? No idea. So, for me it was a big deal. We went to see National Treasure 2. (In order to faciliate that, by the way, I had previously rented National Treasure I–and it took me a week to finish it) It was exactly what I expected. Gotta love a “suspense” movie in which the suspense consists of an eight second sequence in which someone says something like “This desk has a combination lock with 10,000 possible solutions! What will we do?!” and Nick Cage responds something like “Try 1848″…and it works. Anyway, it was fun to go to a movie with Ms. Hold ‘Em, regardless of what it was and wasn’t. Afterwards we stopped down to the secret bar for a little while. I don’t recall anything particularly interesting happening but we had a nice time chatting with each other and all the gang. I know, yawn.

On Saturday we watched the Patriots game together at her house–with her parents and her daughter. I continued to score “wonderful guy” points because her daughter loves to play with me and even jumped up on my lap so I could read to her at a couple of points. And her parents–who, like Ms. Hold ‘Em, have that kind of sarky, wise-ass sense of humor–spent the evening putting me into awkward situations by asking to choose between them on situations they disagreed on. Yeah, that was funny…to them. I pretty much sealed my fate there though when the Mr. asked the Mrs. if she was “already” on her second drink. Before she replied, I interjected “I didn’t see her pour a second one.” (Which was true–well, because we had been gone to the video store for a half hour) Nothing like a friendly nod from one corner of the room and a glare from the other. But, it’s all in good fun as far as I can tell.

Ms. Hold ‘Em and I also watched a video after the game–Knocked Up–which was great (two movies in two nights!!) except for my awkward realization that Ms. Hold ‘Em could relate to parts of it all too well. This was driven home when the main character said something like “If I’m going to have a baby I wish I could at least remember the sex.” and I looked over to see Ms. Hold ‘Em nodding her head and saying “yep” under her breathe. And I also had a flashback to my youth–hanging out on the couch with someone while her parents could be heard moving about in the next room, her brother coming in at a couple of points. The whole nine yards.

One other funny thing from Saturday–C. (my friend from the secret bar) had texted me early in the day to ask what was up. I told him I was going to Ms. Hold ‘Em’s and he wrote something funny about me being lame for not going out. So I replied: “Well, I should keep my options open. Last time she invited me over she dumped me a couple hours before I was supposed to get there. Let me know what you’re doing just in case.” Yeah, he told me later that he had no idea how to respond to that one…


There’s still Sunday–including the second appearance of Mr. Metal Guy (see JetBlue reference in previous post)–and Tuesday–pool league night, including my second straight win over Ms. Hold ‘Em. (No, I’m not in the league. We were just playing for fun) And last night, which was nice and all, but I wasn’t feeling great so nothing really stands out. But I think I’ll expand on these ideas later. At least a little bit.

Pool and Vodka and Cigarettes–All We Need is the Trevi Fountain

January 11, 2008

Let’s see, I’m super-tired today because of, well, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know it’s because of Thursday. Thursday is poker night down at the secret bar which means that it’s the night when you’re sure to find Ms. Hold ‘Em there, whether the game materializes or not. Which means that, for the past 12 weeks at least, you’re sure to find me there. (I’ve been going there longer, but Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t on my radar before then). Only thing is, whereas in the past I’d go down there at sometime after 8–sometimes as late as 10–and “run into” her, now, well, now we’re often headed there together. Oh sure, it means a lot more driving for me, including at the end of the night (which also of course means a lot less drinking), but it’s worth it to have that extra time together.

Anyway, we had a great time last night–set some records on the trivia and word search video games, lost some money on the, err emmm, spinny wheel game, played pool and–holy mother of all that is unholy–I won handily (thank you vodka shot!). We smoked a lot of cigarettes and had lots of those relationshippy talks and tete-a-tetes out on the deck and all that fun stuff.

And, let’s see, what else last night. Oh, JetBlue was there with some guy who did art that involved welding. I suggested to Ms. Hold ‘Em that we pass him a note on a napkin that read: “RUN! RUN!! RUN!!!” but, instead, we let him suffer for his art. And K2 showed up with a friend, which was somehow weird for me because I was sitting on the couch with Ms. Hold ‘Em at the time and, I swear, K2 gave me a look that suggested…, well I don’t know what it suggested, but maybe jealousy? (and, believe me, that doesn’t make sense to me, either–maybe just wishful thinking). At any rate, all in all a great night.

Oh, and on Tuesday, we went to a high school basketball game–at which Ms. Hold ‘Em demonstrated her expert knowledge at yet another unexpected thing–coaching high school boys’ basketball (not that she coached that night, she just talked about various aspects of the game. Afterward we went to the bar above the secret bar where Ms. Hold ‘Em met up with–and joined–the bar’s pool team. Now I would say this was a coincidental thing–her arriving there to find the team playing, getting on it, etc. but she brought her pool cue with her (yes, her own pool cue kids) so I suspected she had planned this part of the evening out for herself.

At any rate, the short leacherous guy on the team gave Ms. Hold ‘Em a big side by side hug and told me that I couldn’t possibly make it to ALL their matches while he laughed, you guessed it, leacherously. I laughed briefly and retorted “Oh, you bet I can.” Not that I want particularly to be a pool league groupie, nor because I have to watch over her, but because it’ll be one of the few nights that we can go out together. And it’s one we wouldn’t have if she weren’t able to get her mother to watch the baby an extra night so she could play pool (yes, in her family, pool is reverred in a way that people will make sacrifices so you can play it–you half-expect them to have portraits of Jesus, JFK, and Minnesota Fats on their wall).

Anyway, Tuesday was another great night. And it ended with us texting as I drove home, you know, she said stuff to the effect of (and I have always loved this one) “I more than like you.” Then she added “I bet you’re running scared now. See you in two months?” But, no, not running scared at all. Admittedly, not falling headlong into harm either. I still feel the spectre of Mr. Asshole on our backs at times and I still wonder if she is so happy with me because I’m the first “nice” person she’s dated (once, she pointed out that I’m the first boyfriend who paid his own way, let alone paid for her!) We’re both definitely in unexplored territory when it comes to the person each of us is dealing with in this relationship. Anyway, things are good; stop analyzing, Mr. Setback.

I know, minimal drama and wackiness (well, except for that whole break-up thing). Thank god JetBlue and K2 keep popping up or else we’d all be dying of boredom over here in blogland.

Anyway, date night tonight. More soon.

“I really like you in a way that’s different than just liking you.”

January 7, 2008

Though I’ve been getting more sleep lately, I seem more tired. What is up with that?

Oh well. Let’s see…a few brief updates…

On Thursday Ms. Hold ‘Em and I hung out at the secret bar. Because we hadn’t gotten around to telling anybody that we were back together we were able to pretend to have arrived separately (I had previously texted C. and asked him if Ms. Hold ‘Em was there). She went in first while I slipped upstairs to visit the Sicilian. When I was up there, C. sent me a text something like: “SHE’S HERE!!!!!” So I knew he had fallen for it. I arrived and started talking to C. and P., his friend. For about ten minutes Ms. Hold ‘Em and I blithely ignored each other while C. mumbled apologies to me for not knowing she’d be there. Anyway, after a brief while I went over and talked to Ms. Hold ‘Em and played the video game with her. Funny thing is after that we spent the whole night together–including leaving together to get some food–near the end of the night C. was STILL apologizing to me for the awkward situation. Heh!

Anyway, Saturday night Ms. Hold ‘Em went out with some girlfriends, so we didn’t see them until around 12:30. And though we only had a couple of hours together it really was a nice time. Ms. Hold ‘Em looked so beautiful–and I told her. Anyway, one of the highlights was C. chiding us for giving him problems on Thursday. Another highlight from earlier in the evening was when the Sicilian seemed poised to beat up a drunk guy who was being a little too familiar with P.’s wife. Good to know that he’s willing to do something like that in case Mr. Asshole pops up again.

At any rate, on the way home I think Ms. Hold ‘Em almost said “I love you.” but caught herself. Last week she similarly expressed herself when she said something like “I really like you in a way that’s different than just liking you.” Is that what they’re calling it nowadays? Anyway, we’ll see where that all goes and what that all means…

“…and my balls were still on the table.”

January 3, 2008

So, on Sunday, in the middle of the whole “what the heck is going on in Ms. Hold ‘Em’s brain?” scenario, I went down to the bar above the secret bar–in part, just to get out of the house; but, also in part, to see if Mr. Asshole was going to be there. Not that I had an actual plan of action in mind, but certainly in my annoyed thoughts I at least saw fingers breaking and/or an expensive cell phone being thrown into the frigid river. He wasn’t there so I can continue to pretend that I would’ve taken some passionately bold, if not ill-advised, action. At any rate, when I walked in at around 9 PM the owner and Mr. Short Guy were there.

Mr. Short Guy (to me): You look like someone who needs an alibi.

Me: Yeah, I got here at 7. Got it?

Owner: You might wanna pile some snow on your car so it looks believable.

Me: Good point.

So, anyway, just another shortish post. Last night Ms. Hold ‘Em and I met up and went to a chain restaurant (on a gift certificate, woot!) and played some pool. She of course won every game, but it was fun coming close once or twice…I won’t mention the game I had all seven balls still on the table when she sank the eight ball. It was another really nice night, made only slightly awkward by ther fact that she broke up with me two days prior. By, hey, what can ya do?

You Knew It

January 2, 2008

Well, dear readers, those of you who know me know that I’ll never catch up on all I missed writing about while on vacation. If I think of things particularly worth writing I will go back to them, but, unfortunately, I also may not.

And if you’ve been reading over the last couple of months you know that Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have been dating for awhile and everything has gone spendidly. Each day better than the last.

Oh, except that she broke up with me the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

“Why?” You might be asking. “How did you fuck up Mr. Setback?” seems like a reasonable inquiry.

Well, despite both she and I thinking that we’ve got the best relationship going since the Rosenbergs, she’s had this lingering text messaging thing with this guy that she had been hooking up with–someone whom she had wanted to have a relationship with but who was an asshole and treated her like crap and led her on, etc. But for some reason she couldn’t stop responding to his asshole texts (which were clearly intended to interfere with our new relationship). So she decided that she needed time to get over him–though it’s already been two months and they NEVER actually had a relationship (dear readers, may I point out that after dating/living with/talking about spending forever with someone, it took both of us about six weeks to be fully beyond each other). Yes, I got dumped for her lingering feelings for a total asshole (that’s an opinion shared by many, not just my own perception).

But that’s okay, I spent New Year’s down at the secret bar where I received lots of sympathy and at least a small amount of attention from K2, who went there on my suggestion.  JetBlue was there too, but that wasn’t on my suggestion, or anyone else’s hehe. I had a great time and got lots of New Years’ kisses and lots of advice from Ms. Hold ‘Em and my mutual friends. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, when I arrived at the secret bar the asshole was there which almost made me decide to leave–you know, instead of breaking his texting fingers and throwing his phone in the river. But I just ignored him. Life is simpler that way.

Oh, and it’salso okay, because at 1:30, around the time I was thinking of making a drunken move on K2 or one other eligible drunk, I got a phone call from Ms. Hold ‘Em, saying that she missed me and realized that I was the only person she wanted to be with and it was foolish of her to hold onto those stupid old feelings because I was great for her and her daughter. Personally, I think one of our friends texted her and said “If you want him back you might want to hurry, he’s moving in on K2 as we speak.” Hehe. Not really, but the timing was impeccable. Anyway, I told Ms. Hold ‘Em that I definitely wanted to talk about it more the next day but that, yeah, I was willing to keep moving forward with her, even though we missed out on our first New Year’s together.

So, that’s that. A twelve hour break-up survived.

More to come, I hope.

I mean blog entries, not break-ups…