You Knew It

Well, dear readers, those of you who know me know that I’ll never catch up on all I missed writing about while on vacation. If I think of things particularly worth writing I will go back to them, but, unfortunately, I also may not.

And if you’ve been reading over the last couple of months you know that Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have been dating for awhile and everything has gone spendidly. Each day better than the last.

Oh, except that she broke up with me the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

“Why?” You might be asking. “How did you fuck up Mr. Setback?” seems like a reasonable inquiry.

Well, despite both she and I thinking that we’ve got the best relationship going since the Rosenbergs, she’s had this lingering text messaging thing with this guy that she had been hooking up with–someone whom she had wanted to have a relationship with but who was an asshole and treated her like crap and led her on, etc. But for some reason she couldn’t stop responding to his asshole texts (which were clearly intended to interfere with our new relationship). So she decided that she needed time to get over him–though it’s already been two months and they NEVER actually had a relationship (dear readers, may I point out that after dating/living with/talking about spending forever with someone, it took both of us about six weeks to be fully beyond each other). Yes, I got dumped for her lingering feelings for a total asshole (that’s an opinion shared by many, not just my own perception).

But that’s okay, I spent New Year’s down at the secret bar where I received lots of sympathy and at least a small amount of attention from K2, who went there on my suggestion.  JetBlue was there too, but that wasn’t on my suggestion, or anyone else’s hehe. I had a great time and got lots of New Years’ kisses and lots of advice from Ms. Hold ‘Em and my mutual friends. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, when I arrived at the secret bar the asshole was there which almost made me decide to leave–you know, instead of breaking his texting fingers and throwing his phone in the river. But I just ignored him. Life is simpler that way.

Oh, and it’salso okay, because at 1:30, around the time I was thinking of making a drunken move on K2 or one other eligible drunk, I got a phone call from Ms. Hold ‘Em, saying that she missed me and realized that I was the only person she wanted to be with and it was foolish of her to hold onto those stupid old feelings because I was great for her and her daughter. Personally, I think one of our friends texted her and said “If you want him back you might want to hurry, he’s moving in on K2 as we speak.” Hehe. Not really, but the timing was impeccable. Anyway, I told Ms. Hold ‘Em that I definitely wanted to talk about it more the next day but that, yeah, I was willing to keep moving forward with her, even though we missed out on our first New Year’s together.

So, that’s that. A twelve hour break-up survived.

More to come, I hope.

I mean blog entries, not break-ups…


2 Responses to “You Knew It”

  1. ~Easy Says:


    Michele sent me.

    In vino veritas.

  2. omykiss Says:

    All’s well that ends well then?

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