“I really like you in a way that’s different than just liking you.”

Though I’ve been getting more sleep lately, I seem more tired. What is up with that?

Oh well. Let’s see…a few brief updates…

On Thursday Ms. Hold ‘Em and I hung out at the secret bar. Because we hadn’t gotten around to telling anybody that we were back together we were able to pretend to have arrived separately (I had previously texted C. and asked him if Ms. Hold ‘Em was there). She went in first while I slipped upstairs to visit the Sicilian. When I was up there, C. sent me a text something like: “SHE’S HERE!!!!!” So I knew he had fallen for it. I arrived and started talking to C. and P., his friend. For about ten minutes Ms. Hold ‘Em and I blithely ignored each other while C. mumbled apologies to me for not knowing she’d be there. Anyway, after a brief while I went over and talked to Ms. Hold ‘Em and played the video game with her. Funny thing is after that we spent the whole night together–including leaving together to get some food–near the end of the night C. was STILL apologizing to me for the awkward situation. Heh!

Anyway, Saturday night Ms. Hold ‘Em went out with some girlfriends, so we didn’t see them until around 12:30. And though we only had a couple of hours together it really was a nice time. Ms. Hold ‘Em looked so beautiful–and I told her. Anyway, one of the highlights was C. chiding us for giving him problems on Thursday. Another highlight from earlier in the evening was when the Sicilian seemed poised to beat up a drunk guy who was being a little too familiar with P.’s wife. Good to know that he’s willing to do something like that in case Mr. Asshole pops up again.

At any rate, on the way home I think Ms. Hold ‘Em almost said “I love you.” but caught herself. Last week she similarly expressed herself when she said something like “I really like you in a way that’s different than just liking you.” Is that what they’re calling it nowadays? Anyway, we’ll see where that all goes and what that all means…


7 Responses to ““I really like you in a way that’s different than just liking you.””

  1. Carmi Says:

    I find it funny how folks will do the horizontal mambo but still catch themselves on the L word. Words are funny like that.

    I love how you narrate your experiences!

  2. kenju Says:

    Joe, you have a most interesting love life. I read back 4-5 posts to see what was going on; never a dull minute, huh? Michele sent me.

  3. paisleygoddess Says:

    Glad Michele sent me! What fun reading! I love this type of blog and I’ll be back!

  4. L Says:

    Im with Kenju, I couldn’t stop reading good luck with Ms. hold’em its sounds like she is worth the struggle =]

  5. omykiss Says:

    hello joe … i found you chez michele … nice blog and interesting too.

  6. colleen Says:

    When I first got with my Joe all the cells in by body were saying YES but I couldn’t bring myself to say “I love you” for quite a while because it didn’t seem to cover it. I found I was able to say “I am loving you” easier. What would michele say?

  7. toni Says:

    Hello! Michele sent me. 🙂

    And hey, that’s a creative way of saying it… I guess.

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