Pool and Vodka and Cigarettes–All We Need is the Trevi Fountain

Let’s see, I’m super-tired today because of, well, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know it’s because of Thursday. Thursday is poker night down at the secret bar which means that it’s the night when you’re sure to find Ms. Hold ‘Em there, whether the game materializes or not. Which means that, for the past 12 weeks at least, you’re sure to find me there. (I’ve been going there longer, but Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t on my radar before then). Only thing is, whereas in the past I’d go down there at sometime after 8–sometimes as late as 10–and “run into” her, now, well, now we’re often headed there together. Oh sure, it means a lot more driving for me, including at the end of the night (which also of course means a lot less drinking), but it’s worth it to have that extra time together.

Anyway, we had a great time last night–set some records on the trivia and word search video games, lost some money on the, err emmm, spinny wheel game, played pool and–holy mother of all that is unholy–I won handily (thank you vodka shot!). We smoked a lot of cigarettes and had lots of those relationshippy talks and tete-a-tetes out on the deck and all that fun stuff.

And, let’s see, what else last night. Oh, JetBlue was there with some guy who did art that involved welding. I suggested to Ms. Hold ‘Em that we pass him a note on a napkin that read: “RUN! RUN!! RUN!!!” but, instead, we let him suffer for his art. And K2 showed up with a friend, which was somehow weird for me because I was sitting on the couch with Ms. Hold ‘Em at the time and, I swear, K2 gave me a look that suggested…, well I don’t know what it suggested, but maybe jealousy? (and, believe me, that doesn’t make sense to me, either–maybe just wishful thinking). At any rate, all in all a great night.

Oh, and on Tuesday, we went to a high school basketball game–at which Ms. Hold ‘Em demonstrated her expert knowledge at yet another unexpected thing–coaching high school boys’ basketball (not that she coached that night, she just talked about various aspects of the game. Afterward we went to the bar above the secret bar where Ms. Hold ‘Em met up with–and joined–the bar’s pool team. Now I would say this was a coincidental thing–her arriving there to find the team playing, getting on it, etc. but she brought her pool cue with her (yes, her own pool cue kids) so I suspected she had planned this part of the evening out for herself.

At any rate, the short leacherous guy on the team gave Ms. Hold ‘Em a big side by side hug and told me that I couldn’t possibly make it to ALL their matches while he laughed, you guessed it, leacherously. I laughed briefly and retorted “Oh, you bet I can.” Not that I want particularly to be a pool league groupie, nor because I have to watch over her, but because it’ll be one of the few nights that we can go out together. And it’s one we wouldn’t have if she weren’t able to get her mother to watch the baby an extra night so she could play pool (yes, in her family, pool is reverred in a way that people will make sacrifices so you can play it–you half-expect them to have portraits of Jesus, JFK, and Minnesota Fats on their wall).

Anyway, Tuesday was another great night. And it ended with us texting as I drove home, you know, she said stuff to the effect of (and I have always loved this one) “I more than like you.” Then she added “I bet you’re running scared now. See you in two months?” But, no, not running scared at all. Admittedly, not falling headlong into harm either. I still feel the spectre of Mr. Asshole on our backs at times and I still wonder if she is so happy with me because I’m the first “nice” person she’s dated (once, she pointed out that I’m the first boyfriend who paid his own way, let alone paid for her!) We’re both definitely in unexplored territory when it comes to the person each of us is dealing with in this relationship. Anyway, things are good; stop analyzing, Mr. Setback.

I know, minimal drama and wackiness (well, except for that whole break-up thing). Thank god JetBlue and K2 keep popping up or else we’d all be dying of boredom over here in blogland.

Anyway, date night tonight. More soon.


5 Responses to “Pool and Vodka and Cigarettes–All We Need is the Trevi Fountain”

  1. gautami tripathy Says:

    All I can say is, have a great date!

    Michele says hi!

  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Michele sent me back here! So what’s new in the dating front?

  3. Courtney Says:

    Pool and vodka and cigarettes make the world go round.

  4. bunnylogic Says:

    Gambling & pool, hmm, sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Michele sent me to check out how the people with a life live.

  5. IdeaSmith Says:

    Hope your date was fun! Thanks for the link, by the way – XXFactor is my blog.

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