Just in Case

I know, I know, I haven’t posted here in a while. And, what’s worse, I’m not feeling a 100% so I’m not feeling like this post is going to evolve into a masterpiece. But, who knows, I rarely know where these open-ended posts are going to wind up.

But, here goes…

Last Friday we went to a movie. At the theater. Of course, you’re yawning and saying so-fucking-what? but I’ll let you know that the last movie I saw at the theater was the Departed. And before that? No idea. So, for me it was a big deal. We went to see National Treasure 2. (In order to faciliate that, by the way, I had previously rented National Treasure I–and it took me a week to finish it) It was exactly what I expected. Gotta love a “suspense” movie in which the suspense consists of an eight second sequence in which someone says something like “This desk has a combination lock with 10,000 possible solutions! What will we do?!” and Nick Cage responds something like “Try 1848″…and it works. Anyway, it was fun to go to a movie with Ms. Hold ‘Em, regardless of what it was and wasn’t. Afterwards we stopped down to the secret bar for a little while. I don’t recall anything particularly interesting happening but we had a nice time chatting with each other and all the gang. I know, yawn.

On Saturday we watched the Patriots game together at her house–with her parents and her daughter. I continued to score “wonderful guy” points because her daughter loves to play with me and even jumped up on my lap so I could read to her at a couple of points. And her parents–who, like Ms. Hold ‘Em, have that kind of sarky, wise-ass sense of humor–spent the evening putting me into awkward situations by asking to choose between them on situations they disagreed on. Yeah, that was funny…to them. I pretty much sealed my fate there though when the Mr. asked the Mrs. if she was “already” on her second drink. Before she replied, I interjected “I didn’t see her pour a second one.” (Which was true–well, because we had been gone to the video store for a half hour) Nothing like a friendly nod from one corner of the room and a glare from the other. But, it’s all in good fun as far as I can tell.

Ms. Hold ‘Em and I also watched a video after the game–Knocked Up–which was great (two movies in two nights!!) except for my awkward realization that Ms. Hold ‘Em could relate to parts of it all too well. This was driven home when the main character said something like “If I’m going to have a baby I wish I could at least remember the sex.” and I looked over to see Ms. Hold ‘Em nodding her head and saying “yep” under her breathe. And I also had a flashback to my youth–hanging out on the couch with someone while her parents could be heard moving about in the next room, her brother coming in at a couple of points. The whole nine yards.

One other funny thing from Saturday–C. (my friend from the secret bar) had texted me early in the day to ask what was up. I told him I was going to Ms. Hold ‘Em’s and he wrote something funny about me being lame for not going out. So I replied: “Well, I should keep my options open. Last time she invited me over she dumped me a couple hours before I was supposed to get there. Let me know what you’re doing just in case.” Yeah, he told me later that he had no idea how to respond to that one…


There’s still Sunday–including the second appearance of Mr. Metal Guy (see JetBlue reference in previous post)–and Tuesday–pool league night, including my second straight win over Ms. Hold ‘Em. (No, I’m not in the league. We were just playing for fun) And last night, which was nice and all, but I wasn’t feeling great so nothing really stands out. But I think I’ll expand on these ideas later. At least a little bit.


4 Responses to “Just in Case”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hello, Joe, Michele sent me to say that I think you had a nice time with Miss Hold ‘Em and family. The movie sounds good. Damn I haven’t been to a movie at a theatre since – The Calendar Girls…boy that’s been a while! Enjoy your week-end. Hey, you always score with Moms when the kids like you!!! Just sayin’

  2. Pat Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Join the club I think it’s January which I think we could very well do without. Your love life sounds interesting. nothing like a bit of uncertainty. Do you like the Mum? A good clue to how the daughter will turn out. Michele sends her best.

  3. Leigh in Atlanta Says:

    hey I answered your question over at my place if you want to have a look see

  4. Courtney Says:

    Sometimes, we learn a lot about people from watching their families. Anyone watching my sisters and I should realize that a) we’re a unit and b) I better keep up.

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