Happy Blogger, Bad Blogger

So anyway, I haven’t been finding much time to write lately. It’s been a combination of trying to keep up with things at work, general tiredness, and, I guess most importantly, a lack of interest in writing about things that are going well.

When I started this blog, it was a means of expressing my frustration with being single again and an outlet for writing about all the crazy aspects of life that I was experiencing for pretty much the first time. Now that I’m in a real, and so far happy, relationship, that urge to write about it is fading fast. Not, just as I keep saying, that it is all boring and tranquil, I just don’t feel the need. I’ve missed some great stories already and will probably miss more, but that’s okay with me. As I keep going with the blog perhaps I’ll focus on others still and not so much myself. That might be one way to keep you amused (I hope) and informed (about something you probably don’t care about).

Anyway, here are a few briefs to make you feel like coming to this blog wasn’t a total waste of time:

Last Saturday, my friend C. (of secret bar fame) opened a super-secret bar in his basement–actually it had been going a few years ago, but it has enjoyed a re-birth. By 6 the next morning though, he was rethinking the idea. Something about sunshine making his eyeballs bleed after the all-nighter.

JetBlue apparently is not all that “into” Mr. Metal Guy. Of course I know the reason is that he has shown normal tendencies–calling you, being nice to you, not being a total shitehead. She’s truly a piece of work, you know, like that abandoned skyscraper in North Korea.

On Tuesday, I–for the third straight time–beat Ms. Hold ‘Em at pool. And then beat one of her teammates! I think I’ll be in the league before I know it. Ms. Hold ‘Em, by the way, won her league match, so it’s not like she sucks at it or anything.

I haven’t seen the Jilted One in awhile. I haven’t been up to that bar in a long time. I’m almost ashamed to go back next week. The last time I was there she scolded me for slowly disappearing on her. But, then again, it was a cute scolding.

Friday night we rented a movie, that Adam Sandler Chuck and Larry (or whatever) movie. Umm, I’m still not sure how to react to it. It was only mildly funny at times and, like any movie like that, it was always trying to walk a fine line between not being offensive and relying on humor about gays (which generally hits offensive pretty quickly in my book). I don’t know. What did you think of it? I know, you were probably smart enough not to watch it.

Other than that, I’m sure there’s plenty more. But I won’t tell you about all our plans to go away this summer, all the wonderful times we’re having, all of our talk about the future, and all of our crossing that bourne again into the limitless possibilities that come with opening your heart.


8 Responses to “Happy Blogger, Bad Blogger”

  1. Karina Says:

    I went through a period of writer’s block in which I figured that as long as I was happy, I couldn’t write a darn thing. It’s an interesting place to be as a writer, because you want to be happy, but you want to be able to write too, you know? Thankfully it passed. (the writer’s block, not the happiness).

    Oh, Michelle sent me.

  2. Sara Says:

    Hello, Michele sent me to say…that it sounds like things are going okay in your life…I used to love to play pool! And, I was pretty good at it…

  3. omykiss Says:

    Hello joe … michele sent me too …. happy is good but do keep writing …. spread the cheer as michele says 🙂

  4. Shephard Says:

    Great use of a blog, actually. I have a single friend who is fresh onto the scene, and I just may recommend starting a blog to her.
    I love the quote up in the header.

    Michele says hello,

  5. kenju Says:

    Joe, that is a fairly eclectic post. I am glad to hear that you’re in a relationship now and I hope it is a good one for you. Michele says hi.

  6. barbie2be Says:

    i haven’t shot pool in ages.

    michele sent me over today.

  7. Sara Says:

    Hello, Joe, Michele sent me to make sure all is well in the life of Joe & <iss Hold ‘Em…

  8. Carmi Says:

    Hi there, Joe. Good to e-see you again. Visiting from Michele’s this time out, and I wanted to let you know that I think we all have periods of blog-doubt every once in a while. The writer’s voice doesn’t always speak with the same level of strength, and sometimes it’s a good thing to just sit back and enjoy the silence for a bit.

    Of course, when you write, you write so well about your experiences. So we’re always looking forward to more. Glad to hear things are going so well – well, except for your friend’s morning eyeball sunrise thing 🙂

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