Nothing Special

Let’s see, in the last week Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have hung out a number of times:

We did homework together (well, each our own) on Monday…

and we had pool night on Tuesday. Oh yeah, and I beat her two more times extending my winning streak to five.

and we planned a mini-vaca to see Carrie Underwood. (Yeah, you heard me right)

and we planned an early summer vaca to the Cape.

and we talked a lot about the future, you know, lots of hypothetical questions.

Crazy shit, eh?

So, what is there to blog about? Maybe I could make it overly dramatic and turn going to New Hampshire for a night into a major life crisis. Or I could give you all the “gory” details of why we always get in much later than planned.

Or, I don’t know.

As I’ve said many times, be prepared for some boring blog entries at times. Not that I consider our (that’s Ms. Hold ‘Em and I, btw) relationship or our times together boring. I’m reveling in every minute of it. But exciting, NSWSMB type writing? Ain’t always happening.

Except for this tidbit:

Out of the blue, K2 got married last weekend and moved out west. I wish I knew more there–THAT’s clearly bloggable. And then there’s the email she sent me that ended with the cryptic: “You’ll all be seeing me again sooner than you can imagine.”

Current music: Nothing Special” by the Jazz Butcher


6 Responses to “Nothing Special”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hello, Michele sent me to say … hmmm…crazy fun stuff???? Carrie Underwood concert sounds promising…and a trip to the Cape…improvements all along the way, I’d say! Have a good one…

  2. Pat Says:

    It’s enough sometimes to know that things are going well for someone. Make hay while the sun shines:)
    Michele says hi!

  3. Gopher Says:

    Hi Michelle sent me.
    Hmm yeah getting in later than planned is always gonna happen as nothing ever runs to schedule does it now, I can’t comment on Carrie Underwood because I can honestly say I’ve never heard of her, mind you I am a brit and I think we got enough good music over here ;), a trip to the cape sounds wonderful. The K2 cryptoclue hmm means they’ll be back at some point to maybe finalise somethings in the locality or maybe as a “holiday” who knows,.

  4. Courtney Says:

    So, one of your friends up and got married, and you don’t have the details? That should make for a very interesting story.

  5. gautami tripathy Says:

    Anything is blogable. I write poetry.

    Michele sent me over!

  6. colleen Says:

    Wow. You totally reminded me that I had a dream that I was getting a tatoo last night. I have never wanted one ever, so it was strange to say the least, especially considering where I was getting it.

    Sounds like some good plans. Michele says so.

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