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Eleven Days

February 26, 2008

Well, it’s  been eleven  days since I posted here. Yeah, let’s see, what’s been happening…

Well, I was on vacation from work last week–hence the lack of time near the computer.

Last last weekend Ms Hold ‘Em and I went down to the casino. A little birthday trip for me. We had a great time. I ate oysters. I spent money. We drank for free while we gambled at the bar…oh, yeah, by “drank for free” I mean I gambled away $60 while getting free draft beers. Hah! Ms. Hold ‘Em did a little better–actually a lot better–she spent $20 and got free mixed drinks. She always comes out on top it seems.

Tuesday night was pool night–again on the road. Some friends joined me (making me feel less like the ‘pool groupie’) and it was a good time. Ms. Hold ‘Em didn’t end up playing, but we had a good time nevertheless.

Thursday was poker night. And it was fun. Some time spent with Ms. Hold ‘Em, some time spent with friends, and some time watching the poker game to learn a bit more about betting. One of these days when I have free cash I wanna play, but I also know that I’ll probably lose big. Free money for the sharks around the table.

Friday sucked because I was supposed to go out with Ms. Hold ‘Em, but the weather prevented that. At least her decision about the weather did (which led to me being annoyed with her, a rare occurence, because she didn’t tell me that she decided to stay in and not have me over until I was in the car on my way there). At any rate I had a pleasant time down at the secret bar. Not nearly as good as a night with my lovey, but a good night nevertheless.

Saturday we hung out at her house and then got to go out for a couple hours. But her daughter was sick so our night was a bit shortened. Another disappointing night, but the time together was sweet.

I went back down to the secret bar for last call–Ms. Hold ‘Em suggested it, I wasn’t sneaking out–and ended up encountering this drunky 40ish woman. It started with her asking the bartender for a cigarette. The bartender showed her that she only had two left and shrugged her shoulders. The drunky woman said thank you and reached for the pack. Hehe, the bartender wasn’t too pleased, but I stepped in and sacrificed a butt as well as five minutes of incomprehensible conversation while we smoked. Then–THEN, she asks me for a ride home. I was very non-responsive as I stared at the bartender mouthing the words “Help me! Help me!” But then a few minutes later the owner, in his usual authoritative voice, said “You’re giving her a ride home. Right?” to me. So, I found out where she lived–a stone’s throw from the bartender, but I wasn’t going to piss her off by fobbing off the drunky woman on her. So I ended up giving her a ride home and enduring another ten minutes of drunken rambling. I don’t know if the owner thought he was throwing me into some sort of drunken encounter thing–he’d find that funny and all, to see how I’d deal with Ms. Hold ‘Em–but she just wanted a ride home and nothing else and I certainly entertained no notions other than ending the night as quickly as possible.

A nyway, those are the “highlights” of the week. Uninspiring as blog entries no doubt and–besides the trip to the casino–not a particularly brilliant eleven days. But everything is great in relationship land and it’s sometimes hard to spice it up. You know, that is, without porning it up….and, no, I’m not going there.

More soon. Pool night tonight at home and all the fun that icy snow, drinks, and live music can bring…


Happy Everything

February 15, 2008

I really am amazed at how little I have to write about.

Let’s see… on Monday, Ms. Hold ‘Em and I hung out at her place to do some parallel schoolwork together. Only, I ended up sleeping most of the time I was there. Which was actually nice–I didn’t keep interrupting her work to whisper sweet nothings and I got some much needed sleep. The only thing that sucked about it was having to go home at the end of the night instead of upstairs to bed.

On Tuesday, Ms. Hold ‘Em had pool night–this week in the neighboring town of Chickerpea. Despite my apprehensions about spending any time there (it’s not dangerous or anything, just a crappy place), we had a good time. The bar was nice and had an updated Megatouch video machine so we got to play some cool games we hadn’t seen before. It was a crazy snowy night so the driving kind of sucked–especially having to go eight miles further away from home to drop of Ms. Hold ‘Em and then drive back in a storm that was quickly turning to sleet and freezing rain. Once again a vote for living together as soon as possible.

Okay, a recap: Monday, naptime. Tuesday, video games.

On Thursday (last night) we went down to the secret bar. The card game never materialized–oh that’s right, even hardcore gamblers have significant others–so we got to hang out both there and upstairs. We played pool. I won one and then she broke my seven game win streak with a decisive win. We also played more video games, breaking a few of our long held records on the machine. Will the excitement never end? Then at midnight I had the honor and privilige of having “Happy Birthday” sung to me by the most interesting group of ne’er-do-wells ever to assemble. It was quite touching.

Oh, and for Valentine’s Day Ms. Hold ‘Em got me sushi! Brilliant idea!!

Tonight I believe it’s back to the secret bar for some more celebrating and then tomorrow it’s a brief weekend trip down to the casino. Gotta love a girlfriend who gets you the best Valentine’s Day gift and follows it up with the best birthday gift!

Anyway, kids, that’s all I got. Some happy, boring times. But, as you know, by boring I mean ultra-unbelieveably pretty darned happy.

“Love, Whatever That Is”

February 11, 2008

Let’s see, dear blog readers, what can I tell you…yesterday after my committee meeting we had our after meeting meeting at the secret bar, which C. opened just for my group. Very sweet. And Ms. Hold ‘Em was there and was able to meet a couple of my good friends for the first time. They both seemed impressed with her, or, you know, were polite even to pretend to be.

Although one of my friends, who is a good friend of the X, said to me (when Ms. Hold wasn’t around) “Well, it’s pretty clear you have a type. She and the X could be cousins.” Oh, man. And the thing is, as much as I’ve always denied it, she’s right–I definitely do have a type. In fact, Afternoon Girl, in her own extraordinarily put together way, fits the type pretty well too. Hey, what can I say? I knows whats I likes.

At any rate, it was a pleasant, drunkeny afternoon which ended in a brief trip to one bar to pay homage to the Sicilian and then up the hill to my former favorite haunt.

Hmmm, what else from the maelstrom of yawns that is my life can I report to you?

Hmm…Saturday night we watched one of the Bourne movies. The second one I believe. That was to prep me for watching the last one. Something like that. At any rate, Ms. Hold ‘Em has been a good sport, rewatching a lot of movies that I’ve wanted to see. We also got some Chinese take-out, which was okay, though I was very suspicious of a restaurant that is dead empty on a Friday night. At any rate, a nice, homey kind of evening.

Friday I stayed in and made some shrimp scampi. I did finally go out near midnight to visit with C. and the Young One down at the secret bar. Of interest was the long text message conversation the Young One and I had (yes, while in the same room) about one of my acquaintances who, despite the fact that his girlfriend was sleeping on the secret bar’s couch, sent a text to the Young One asking her out. Yeah, try to give advice on that one.

Oh, and almost forgot, Saturday was my younger son’s First Confession (or whatever we Catholics are calling it nowadays). Favorite quote of the day: “Look at me! I’m sin-free!”

Thursday kind of sucked though now that I think about it. I took a half hour nap at five that ended at 8:15. 45 minutes after I was supposed to have met Ms. Hold ‘Em at the secret bar. Then, the moment I got there was when she started dealing cards. So all the talking we got to do were two or three cigarettes worth and a couple more minutes at the end of the night. What’s worse, Mr. Asshole was playing cards and sitting right next to her and clearly flirting all night. I seriously am considering having the Sicilian give him a friendly talking to. It’s always fun to see people shit their pants.

Yes, indeed. That will be fun.

That Was The Week That Was

February 5, 2008

Let’s see, it’shard to write much about this past weekend–what with the Patriots giving agreat real-world demonstration of how hubris can bring down the mighty. I mean, come on asses: 4th and 13? that field goal would’ve come in handy. And that last drive? I guess it’s tough to come up with good plays when you assume ahead of time that you’re not going to be behind with 50 seconds left.

But anyway, I got to watch the game with Ms. Hold ‘Em and her family so that was nice. And before that she met me out for a trip down to the bar where they were having a pre-Super Bowl sex toy party. Alas, we didn’t buy anything but as they brought new products out for demonstration it was interesting to watch her to see what piqued her interest. Yes, indeed.

Saturday was a bit of a pisser of a day. I invited Ms. Hold ‘Em to my son’s basketball game, but once again she felt she couldn’t make it. So I was bummed about that. And then she told me she was going to some place out across the state to get buffalo wings for Sunday–this after I told her that that was what I was making for the “Big Game.” So that kind of pissed me off. Finally, she decided not to have me over to the house that evening so she could get some work done. By that point I was kind of irked, but that at least was an understandable diss. (yes, I still use the word “diss”) I am proud of myself for not bitching about any of these things or getting all passive-aggressive about it (“These chicken wings suck compared to mine, but you’ll never know.” certainly came to mind on Sunday). I guess your “No Setback” guy is growing a little bit at least.

I just realized that this post is going anti-chronologically…on Friday we went down to the bar and the secret bar, where we were supposed to meet a colleague of mine. Unfortunately, he never showed–and we certainly would’ve done something else had we known that–but we had a lovely time together nevertheless. Though we didn’t get to play pool against each other, we did both play this guy who was holding the table. He was an interesting character. He’d approach the table aggressively as if he were going to beat the crap out of it but then would handle the stick so delicately and adroitly. He kind of reminded me of a mix between Huck Finn’s pap and Baryshnikov…or something like that.

Thursday, poker night took off again for Ms. Hold ‘Em. There was a full table and others waiting to get in. At 2, the bartender decided to keep the night going–it was twice as crowded as it had been at 1:30. At about 2:15 I was ready to go (and luckily for me we came in separate cars for once) and was about to tell Ms. Hold ‘Em that I was going to bail on her when she got a call from home that her daughter was up and crying. So, as it turned out, she had to bail on the game too. This was both good and bad–on the one hand, I knew she had class in the morning and staying til three would’ve exhausted her; on the other hand, the more money she makes, the better a hotel we’ll stay at when we take my birthday trip.

Oh, and that reminds me, less than two weeks to our first weekend trip. Woot woot!!

And, to totally mess up the anti-chronology of this post, tonight is pool night. It’ll be a challenge to get home early enough so we’re not exhausted tomorrow.  The trouble with Tuesdays of late has been that by ten, when the pool is wrapping up, we’re having too much fun to leave and, when we do leave, we find some way to extend our time together even longer. And, then–I can predict–on Wednesday (tomorrow) morning we’ll both be promising each other to go home earlier next week. When bad patterns of behavior are too much fun, how bad can they be?