“Love, Whatever That Is”

Let’s see, dear blog readers, what can I tell you…yesterday after my committee meeting we had our after meeting meeting at the secret bar, which C. opened just for my group. Very sweet. And Ms. Hold ‘Em was there and was able to meet a couple of my good friends for the first time. They both seemed impressed with her, or, you know, were polite even to pretend to be.

Although one of my friends, who is a good friend of the X, said to me (when Ms. Hold wasn’t around) “Well, it’s pretty clear you have a type. She and the X could be cousins.” Oh, man. And the thing is, as much as I’ve always denied it, she’s right–I definitely do have a type. In fact, Afternoon Girl, in her own extraordinarily put together way, fits the type pretty well too. Hey, what can I say? I knows whats I likes.

At any rate, it was a pleasant, drunkeny afternoon which ended in a brief trip to one bar to pay homage to the Sicilian and then up the hill to my former favorite haunt.

Hmmm, what else from the maelstrom of yawns that is my life can I report to you?

Hmm…Saturday night we watched one of the Bourne movies. The second one I believe. That was to prep me for watching the last one. Something like that. At any rate, Ms. Hold ‘Em has been a good sport, rewatching a lot of movies that I’ve wanted to see. We also got some Chinese take-out, which was okay, though I was very suspicious of a restaurant that is dead empty on a Friday night. At any rate, a nice, homey kind of evening.

Friday I stayed in and made some shrimp scampi. I did finally go out near midnight to visit with C. and the Young One down at the secret bar. Of interest was the long text message conversation the Young One and I had (yes, while in the same room) about one of my acquaintances who, despite the fact that his girlfriend was sleeping on the secret bar’s couch, sent a text to the Young One asking her out. Yeah, try to give advice on that one.

Oh, and almost forgot, Saturday was my younger son’s First Confession (or whatever we Catholics are calling it nowadays). Favorite quote of the day: “Look at me! I’m sin-free!”

Thursday kind of sucked though now that I think about it. I took a half hour nap at five that ended at 8:15. 45 minutes after I was supposed to have met Ms. Hold ‘Em at the secret bar. Then, the moment I got there was when she started dealing cards. So all the talking we got to do were two or three cigarettes worth and a couple more minutes at the end of the night. What’s worse, Mr. Asshole was playing cards and sitting right next to her and clearly flirting all night. I seriously am considering having the Sicilian give him a friendly talking to. It’s always fun to see people shit their pants.

Yes, indeed. That will be fun.


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