Happy Everything

I really am amazed at how little I have to write about.

Let’s see… on Monday, Ms. Hold ‘Em and I hung out at her place to do some parallel schoolwork together. Only, I ended up sleeping most of the time I was there. Which was actually nice–I didn’t keep interrupting her work to whisper sweet nothings and I got some much needed sleep. The only thing that sucked about it was having to go home at the end of the night instead of upstairs to bed.

On Tuesday, Ms. Hold ‘Em had pool night–this week in the neighboring town of Chickerpea. Despite my apprehensions about spending any time there (it’s not dangerous or anything, just a crappy place), we had a good time. The bar was nice and had an updated Megatouch video machine so we got to play some cool games we hadn’t seen before. It was a crazy snowy night so the driving kind of sucked–especially having to go eight miles further away from home to drop of Ms. Hold ‘Em and then drive back in a storm that was quickly turning to sleet and freezing rain. Once again a vote for living together as soon as possible.

Okay, a recap: Monday, naptime. Tuesday, video games.

On Thursday (last night) we went down to the secret bar. The card game never materialized–oh that’s right, even hardcore gamblers have significant others–so we got to hang out both there and upstairs. We played pool. I won one and then she broke my seven game win streak with a decisive win. We also played more video games, breaking a few of our long held records on the machine. Will the excitement never end? Then at midnight I had the honor and privilige of having “Happy Birthday” sung to me by the most interesting group of ne’er-do-wells ever to assemble. It was quite touching.

Oh, and for Valentine’s Day Ms. Hold ‘Em got me sushi! Brilliant idea!!

Tonight I believe it’s back to the secret bar for some more celebrating and then tomorrow it’s a brief weekend trip down to the casino. Gotta love a girlfriend who gets you the best Valentine’s Day gift and follows it up with the best birthday gift!

Anyway, kids, that’s all I got. Some happy, boring times. But, as you know, by boring I mean ultra-unbelieveably pretty darned happy.


2 Responses to “Happy Everything”

  1. Leigh in Atlanta Says:

    geez, I got sent over here by michele and a bunch of other stuff happened simultaneously so I’m sorry that I didn’t comment sooner. Anyway, I’m here now. Sounds like a very eventful week, at least compared to mine.

  2. Kisane Says:

    Sounds like a good week. And sushi is always nice, no matter what day of the week, don’t you think??

    Here from Michele’s…*waves*

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