Eleven Days

Well, it’s  been eleven  days since I posted here. Yeah, let’s see, what’s been happening…

Well, I was on vacation from work last week–hence the lack of time near the computer.

Last last weekend Ms Hold ‘Em and I went down to the casino. A little birthday trip for me. We had a great time. I ate oysters. I spent money. We drank for free while we gambled at the bar…oh, yeah, by “drank for free” I mean I gambled away $60 while getting free draft beers. Hah! Ms. Hold ‘Em did a little better–actually a lot better–she spent $20 and got free mixed drinks. She always comes out on top it seems.

Tuesday night was pool night–again on the road. Some friends joined me (making me feel less like the ‘pool groupie’) and it was a good time. Ms. Hold ‘Em didn’t end up playing, but we had a good time nevertheless.

Thursday was poker night. And it was fun. Some time spent with Ms. Hold ‘Em, some time spent with friends, and some time watching the poker game to learn a bit more about betting. One of these days when I have free cash I wanna play, but I also know that I’ll probably lose big. Free money for the sharks around the table.

Friday sucked because I was supposed to go out with Ms. Hold ‘Em, but the weather prevented that. At least her decision about the weather did (which led to me being annoyed with her, a rare occurence, because she didn’t tell me that she decided to stay in and not have me over until I was in the car on my way there). At any rate I had a pleasant time down at the secret bar. Not nearly as good as a night with my lovey, but a good night nevertheless.

Saturday we hung out at her house and then got to go out for a couple hours. But her daughter was sick so our night was a bit shortened. Another disappointing night, but the time together was sweet.

I went back down to the secret bar for last call–Ms. Hold ‘Em suggested it, I wasn’t sneaking out–and ended up encountering this drunky 40ish woman. It started with her asking the bartender for a cigarette. The bartender showed her that she only had two left and shrugged her shoulders. The drunky woman said thank you and reached for the pack. Hehe, the bartender wasn’t too pleased, but I stepped in and sacrificed a butt as well as five minutes of incomprehensible conversation while we smoked. Then–THEN, she asks me for a ride home. I was very non-responsive as I stared at the bartender mouthing the words “Help me! Help me!” But then a few minutes later the owner, in his usual authoritative voice, said “You’re giving her a ride home. Right?” to me. So, I found out where she lived–a stone’s throw from the bartender, but I wasn’t going to piss her off by fobbing off the drunky woman on her. So I ended up giving her a ride home and enduring another ten minutes of drunken rambling. I don’t know if the owner thought he was throwing me into some sort of drunken encounter thing–he’d find that funny and all, to see how I’d deal with Ms. Hold ‘Em–but she just wanted a ride home and nothing else and I certainly entertained no notions other than ending the night as quickly as possible.

A nyway, those are the “highlights” of the week. Uninspiring as blog entries no doubt and–besides the trip to the casino–not a particularly brilliant eleven days. But everything is great in relationship land and it’s sometimes hard to spice it up. You know, that is, without porning it up….and, no, I’m not going there.

More soon. Pool night tonight at home and all the fun that icy snow, drinks, and live music can bring…


2 Responses to “Eleven Days”

  1. Janet Says:

    Darn those pesky drunky 40ish women 😉 Glad things are going well for you!

    Hi, Michele sent me.

  2. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and some adventures you want to blog about! Here from Michele’s this morning!

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