A Long, Somewhat Sucky Week

I know, I know, posting frequency remains an issue for me. But again, I’m just riding the slow, cool buzz of a blossoming relationship. And,really, I don’t feel much like writing about good times. Sure I could share stories that I’ve heard, but I’m not really looking for this blog to have a total second-hand story buzz to it–although if you get the chance, ask me about the Sicilian, the fender bender, the bloody vest, and the Tide stick. Im think I’ve mentioned it here before but the full, full version is even better.

And, I guess it’s been kind of a strange week. Let’s see, pool night MHE (Ms. Hold ‘Em) somehow managed to get drunk, real drunk. It came on fast, let me tell you. This led to some much enjoyed affection but also the reappearance of MHE’s evil twin “Ms. Give Yer Phone Number to Random Guys For Pool Lessons” and “Ms. Did We Really Go Outside Five Minutes Ago? I Don’t Remember That.” Of course her lack of remembering any of the giving out the phone number business is both scary and amusing. I’m guessing that every week for the last six or seven years some new person has been added to the number list and then later deleted because she had no idea who the person was. But, anyway, we’ve been working on and talking about the evil twin syndrome. Oi.

Don’t let that last paragraph make you think that she’s a raving drunk or a bad person. It’s a pretty rare thing and kinda sneaks up on her/us. Most of the time we’re in a much happier, tipsy kind of place. Just thought I’d throw that in.

But, anyway…

Wednesday we had the pleasure of going to Chunk E. Cheese’s for her daughter’s birthday. And it was nice. Her daughter loved it. The pizza reminded one of cardboard that had been painted pizza color, but whatever, right? MHE’s father and uncle showed off their competitive side, trying to out-do each other on the basketball toss. Her father also commented on how well the daughter and I get along. It was the first sign of approval that I’ve heard, so that’s cool. Well, you know, other than not being shot at from a window when I stop by the house.

Hmmm, poker night–not much to say there. I left early because I wanted to be a good boy and get some sleep–and then couldn’t sleep. So I felt like I had ripped myself off from some quality Ms. Hold ‘Em time.

Friday I saw my kids and then had a late nightcap at the secret bar. After closing time the owner and I discussed the possibility of creating a new candle scent just for the bar, but you REALLY don’t want to know what it is.

Saturday was the little one’s second birthday party–this one with kids and other friends of MHE. The little one’s baby daddy was supposed to be there but didn’t show, so I still haven’t met him. And MHE’s father and uncle once again brought on the competition– this time with McAirHockey. MHE and I also played and I won, but just barely. I think she mighta let me win though. You know, to be nice.

That night we went out, but got a bit of a late start so we went to the 99 (yes, again) for a late bite to eat. Most interesting thing there was that where we sat at the bar there was a coloring book and crayons left over from the toddlers who had just be sitting at the bar. Yes, toddlers sitting at the bar. Then we went to the secret bar (toddlers not allowed, btw) and hung out. It wasn’t a particularly good night. Kind of boring. We did play pool against each other–I won, barely. Then we played a game together against some guys. The lead guy thought he was Joe Pool–on his first shot he tried a Masse. WTF? Who does that when playing a casual game at the bar? Especially when it turned out he missed it! Who tries that when you’re going to fucking miss the shot? Anyway, we ended up beating him and his partner fairly soundly. The night ended kind of blahly too. MHE’s “ex” the asshole showed up with someone he seems to be dating and I swear MHE kept looking over at them–maybe just out of curiosity, but I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder about her.

Again, I only mention these things to have something to write about. I wouldn’t be always talking about the bliss if I had any real doubts.

So, anyway, that’s the last time I saw her. Her daughter’s been sick; she’s had tests to study for; I had my Sunday meeting and of course the “meeting after the meeting” and on and on. And now she’s sick. Despite that, I’m hoping to stop over there at least for a bit tonight. It’s been way too long. Hard to believe that before Christmas we were seeing each other once or twice a week, if that. Now, three days is a long, sucky time. Oh well.

Here’s to a better week ahead!


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