Keepin’ It Fresh

I’m glad that spring is finally showing signs of arriving. It’s put me in that “go somewhere on weekends with the one you love” mode. I’ve already found a quaint Maple festival happening up in a hilltown for next Saturday. I’m feeling that the coming of spring will help push MHE and I to that next level–nothing like a full day spent together as a “family” to start to solidify that part of our relationship. And when I mentioned it to her last night she not only sounded interested by she flashed that brief look (I call it her “inner smile”) that I know means that she was touched by me suggesting an activity together with her daughter.

Oh, and Wednesday night I finally got to see her after a three day lull. It was only for a half hour–spent having a cigarette or two, catching up, straightening a small issue out, and, of course, shopping for baby diapers. Anice time all around.

Last night was poker night and it was a good night for MHE. We spent the first hour there, before the game started, affixing labels to the chips–for the past couple of weeks someone had been slipping foreign chips in. That was fun, doing piecework. Sometimes mindless jobs are a nice break from reality. The night, overall, felt–and was–kind of long for me. It’s like having a second job on Thursday nights. And it’s an effort to find things to do sometimes: talk to friends (ooops, lost of them left early); play the video game (I now own the high score on most trivia whiz categories); play the “For Amusement Only” game (which I abstained from last night because it usually ends in me being out $20); smoke (did way too much of that);  and watch the poker game (which has interesting moments even when someone isn’t cheating). But anyway, it was nice to get the time with MHE, even if we weren’t together for most of it.

That’s my update. Hoping to see her tonight, but that’s only a maybe at this point. Fingers crossed.


2 Responses to “Keepin’ It Fresh”

  1. gautami tripathy Says:

    Hope all turns out well for you.

    Best of luck..


    Michele sent me here.

  2. Carmi Says:

    Hi Joe. I’m visiting from Michele’s on this about-to-be-snowed-on Friday afternoon. I’m so happy so see things moving along so well for you! We all want to belong, after all.

    Thanks for continuing to share your experiences here.

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