But What Does It Mean

I’ll try to do my seemingly “weekly” update later but for now I just want to point something out to you, dear reader, that I pointed out to myself yesterday.

Yesterday, I golfed and had a relaxing evening–one of many relaxing evenings in my life. I also found out that my retirement investment account lost over three thousand dollars last quarter. So much for relaxing. So much for all the hard work that got that money saved up for me.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hold ‘Em in the past week has earned several hundred at cards and hundreds if not thousands with her internet sales.  And she’s worked non-stop to do it.

I’m not sure what conclusion I want you to draw from those two scenarios, but I feel like I’m in the wrong profession–and I’m also feeling guilty about spending money, rather than making it, in my evening hours.

But, I don’t know what it means…other than I’m out three thousand bucks just like that. Then again, don’t worry too much about me. I’m still a long way from having to retire to a mobile home in a Chic’pee flood zone.


2 Responses to “But What Does It Mean”

  1. Shannon H. Says:

    I found your blog via “That’s My Answer!”. Sorry to hear about you losing $3k…but I am happy that you got to golf!

  2. Mr. Althouse Says:

    I know how that feels. I’m losing money at an alarming rate right now. Fortunately, I’m in it for the long-term, the market will come back soon enough.

    Besides, it pales in comparison to how much value my home has lost… but hey, I bought it to live in, not as an investment. Looking at it that way, it is still just as valuable to me as it always was.

    Michele sent me,


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