Odd Times

Yesterday’s post–My “Sponsored Links” Mock Me–occurred this past Friday. Let’s see, what to say to add to the story…by Friday night, after a morning spent writing back and forth and being pummelled by venomous words, after an afternoon of sucking it up and apologizing–not just to apologize, but because I realized that I had messed up badly, but unintentionally–I found myself being asked out by MHE for this coming Friday. I didn’t see that coming–in fact, I had expected an extended period of formal and, perhaps cold, formality between us as friends. And then on Sunday she invited me over to watch a movie at the house. And, on Sunday, again for last night. I’m still not sure what brought the crazy rollercoaster back to this place, but–with a sense of reservation and certainly no expectations–I’ve hopped back on for the moment.

These are odd times for me. I suppose there’s still a lot of backfill to give you, dear readers, to truly illustrate how odd these past few weeks have been, but that will come in time. For now MHE is seriously courting me; I’ve ignored the loud warning bells going off in my head. I’m looking at her face and seeing the MHE I saw when we were at our best (which was never all that great considering all the drama); and I’m still falling into that glaze-over I’ve described before–when I’m not with her I can name a thousand reasons not to be; when I am with her, “the sun shines out of her asshole” (is that the quote from Juno?) as far as I can see.

Writing all of this is awkward because, recently, I found myself smitten–and still do–with someone who happens to read this blog. But I can’t not write it. And though I’m falling back in with MHE, I’m doing so with a good sense that the chaos may not be too far away yet again. I’ve even asked a couple of friends to be alert for me seeming head over heels–and, dear readers, feel free to join them in having carte blanche to give me a reality smack. Or, at the very least, when this house of cards crumbles again, don’t hesitate to say: I told you so.


5 Responses to “Odd Times”

  1. courtney Says:

    Just be careful. You’re a good person and shouldn’t be taken advantage of.

  2. courtney Says:

    Be careful with MHE is what I mean.

  3. nosetback Says:

    Thanks. I am being cautious and just seeing what is going on. This would be a dull blog if I turned down story lines like this one!

    Currently writing about sushi, but probably won’t be done til tomorrow!

  4. courtney Says:

    Sushi, huh? 😉

  5. Jean-Luc Picard Says:

    As the others say, be cautious.

    Michele sent me.

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