Still Working

Hello, dear readers. Just to let you know, I’m still working on filling you in on the unblogged–but very bloggable–two weeks or so that I took off from the blog. For now I’ll just say that this morning I am upbeat and hopeful. I’m still worried about getting caught up in the tornado of emotions and then getting slammed back to Earth; but, I still feel the need to enjoy the happiness, rather than always warning myself to keep that in check.

Who knows what’s best? Who am I to try to guide my life?

This weekend I was in southern Vermont and went to the amazingly awesome McNeill’s Brewery in Brattleboro. I know I’ve had McNeill’s before, though I don’t recall when, but I had not remembered it being as good as it was on Saturday–probably (from the four different beers I tried) the best microbrews I’ve ever had (although I like Berkshire Brewing’s porter a little more than McNeill’s, but just a little). One funny thing that happened as I was standing at the bar was that this guy standing there next to me turned to me and said: “Did anyone tell you that you and your type are the worst sort of scum?” Hmmm…while I was trying to figure out who we were that were such scum I figured I’d answer rather than get offended so I replied something like I hadn’t been told that in a while but thanks for letting me know. I figured that would either diffuse the situation or lead to some mischief, but he turned and walked out of the bar and then a minute or so later came back in and apologized for mistaking me for an acquaintance of his. Hah! I knew it had to be something like that as I man the most “mistaken for another person” person in America. Even funnier, as I was searching for internet stuff on McNeill’s, I saw a picture of the owner and, well, unless I am mistaking him for someone else…

Note to self: next time ask for a free drink!

Note to readers: their salsa was also very excellent. I already make one similar, but I’m looking to tweak my recipe to make it more like the brewery’s. Hint: mango.
Anyway, off to another day of the usual fun including one of the boy’s baseball games and lots of catching up on sleep and paper correcting.


2 Responses to “Still Working”

  1. courtney Says:

    Tease… šŸ™‚

  2. courtney Says:

    Oh, and tag, you’re it. Again.

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