Brimfield 2008

Ms. Hold ‘Em, her beautiful daughter, and I went to Brimfield on Sunday. Here are a few pictures. I will try to follow with more text later.

Oh, and I’m slowly starting to build up my photos on Flickr. I only have a few now, but soon there will be many. But you can see a few pictures of MHE, HBD (her beautiful daughter), me, and my boys. Not to mention shots from Brimfield and Brattleboro.

If you know me, you can either guess what name to search (think, my other blog and its initials) or you can ask me and I will tell you. If you’re stopping by here randomly, I probably won’t give you the username I use there. Nothing personal, kids.


One Response to “Brimfield 2008”

  1. Carmi Says:

    You seriously take the coolest pictures – they only add to the richness of the words you use to describe your life.

    I’d love to see your Flickr site if you’d be so kind as to share the link. You know how I feel about great photography…

    Hope you’re having a great weekend so far. I hate when it ends, alas.

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