Another Quick Hit

I know I haven’t been catching up, dear readers, but at least I’m stopping by. A few brief snippets:

This weekend, MHE and I are going on a romantic weekend in…um…Westside! (for those of you who are not local, it’s the unremarkable, strip mall studded town just south of here.) Yeah…but the idea is that we’re not planning on going anywhere anyway, just getting away from everyone else for a day.

My new, expensive phone is–how do you say?–fooked. I don’t think I did anything drastic to it, but it’s acting like I did. So, who knows? I’m back to my old phone which, despite its batteredness, still works far more reliably than the over-expensive, under-performing Blackberry Pearl. This old phone is famous for its role in some of this blog’s earlier stories.

On Wednesday when I was out I was playing some pool and noticed this woman “checking me out.” You know, you notice her looking at you when you’re at the bar and she doesn’t look away until she knows she caught your eye and then she glances back again etc. Oh, and then you notice her looking at you when you’re sitting outside. Oh, and when you do come inside she makes a point of making eye contact and smiling–several times. Got it, kids? Not my imagination. Oh, and you also notice that she clearly has a boyfriend sitting next to her through much of this. Oh, and then when you’re leaving you can’t help but notice that they’re in the car next to you and she’s giving the boyfriend a blowjob. And in the brief second that you glanced toward that car (until you realized what you were looking at and averted your eyes but quick), you notice the BF staring at you with a “Fuck you, buddy” sneer, as if he thought he were in competition with you and somehow winning. Yeah.  You know, another typical Wednesday night.

Oh, and on Tuesday, I was sitting at the bar with the Sicilian and a couple other people wqhen, much to my surprise, I got to see the newly re-done breasts of a woman sitting at the bar. Thank you bartender for suggesting that she show them. It was an interesting sight to say the least. And, having never seen fake breasts live and in person before I can say that they did indeed defy gravity in all the best ways. Yeah, that was my Tuesday.

Anyway, that’s that for now. Just a few bits from the last few days. See you all in Westside!


2 Responses to “Another Quick Hit”

  1. Jean-Luc Picard Says:

    Just a normal day!

    Michele sent me here.

  2. courtney Says:

    Happy Fathers’ Day, Joe.

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