Once again…and again

I’m hoping this isn’t another false start back into the writing thang. It’ll be brief, but hopefully not false.

I’m recovering from a Thanksgiving weekend that saw my whole schedule tilt from the good ol’ school-year wake up time of 6:30 AM to the good-ol’ Jilted One -style schedule of go to bed at 7 AM. And yes, Saturday night/Sunday morning I was over at her place bubble-wrapping (don’t bother looking it up in the Urban Dictionary, it isn’t a code word for some kinda sex–though it should be) all of her stuff–she’s moving soon. And though the morning, urm afternoon, ended in some (semi)-innocent cuddling, it was just another pleasant night with my real, real close buddy.

The Jilted One, who has broken up/made up with her boyfriend about a half dozen times in the past months, now says that that relationship is done for good. It did, afterall, end with her throwing a beer bottle at him–so I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t HER decision to end it completely–so what’s done really, at this point, should be done.

Getting back into the writing mode is going to take some time. I hope that the writing starts to flow a little better again.


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