You already know all about me, don’t you? I’m 43 or so years old. I teach. I write (okay, mostly I blog). I go to the beach and I play golf and I take naps. I’ve never plotted a revolution, but I do like to cook when I can. In my imagination I have a tattoo and it’s really cool.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Quite the complicated love life. I’m fascinated! I feel like I’ve missed a great deal of the story. So you are dating JetBlue and Afternoon Girl and they both know and are cool with it? Fascinating…

  2. courtney Says:

    Thanks for coming by, Joe! Come back often, there will be something to read every day–at least this year (Oh god, what have I done…) 😉

  3. kittywithanickelclan Says:

    ok that was a little weird the way you said that. i also have no idea who you are. but it seems to be a nice life i guess……..

  4. kittywithanickelclan Says:

    sorry the i should be we

  5. kittywithanickelclan Says:

    cause we’re a clan, a group, a team we are.

  6. kittywithanickelclan Says:

    alright well see ya later dude.

  7. kittywithanickelclan Says:

    ha thats 4 comments ha ha ha. ok seriously im gone…. not to return

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