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Dumbshit Puppy Dog

March 26, 2008

It’s been over a week since I posted and a busy week it’s been. Unfortunately, that’s both on the homefront and at work, so I’m hard-pressed to even give you a skeleton outline of my week. But, that’s all I can do for now. Maybe I will fill in some stories tomorrow, but, for now, this is all it is.

Last Tuesday–super-fun night with my new “friend” Ms. Hold ‘Em and the rest of the pool team. Like, to a totally weird extent–we decided that indeed we are just friends, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have the occasional “date” as long as no relationship was implied. She even gave me a long kiss, just to check that the reason she broke up with me wasn’t about us but was just about not being in a place where any relationship seemed like a good idea (this was the reason she had finally come out with).

Thursday, poker night, the weirdest thing was that MHE came in a made an overt point of saving a seat for Mr. Asshole right next to her–the better to flirt with, I guess. That didn’t faze me but when Mr. Asshole’s girlfriend came in and sat on the other side of him–and they were all squeezed together because the table was crowded–L. the bartender and I began to laugh uproariously. I SO wanted to get a photo. Oh well, I thought, as ye sow so shall ye reap…or something like that.

On Friday, MHE and I were both at the bar (and the secret bar), mostly together, but just as “friends”. We listened to music and played pool and we held hands and got real close and she told me that she loved spending time with me…oh, but we’re still just friends.

And you wonder why men often wonder about women…

Saturday and Sunday night I had time with “The Other Option”, as I’ve now dubbed her, and it was good real good. The question I have–and this is because one of MHE’s friends said I should–is do I tell MHE about The Other Option at this point while it’s just a casual side thing? I didn’t think so, in part, because MHE dumped my ass. Oh, and I also don’t want to be seeming to be throwing it in her face.

Monday I had a meeting and a fun meeting after the meeting. D. was there with The Bank Teller, a woman that I knew previously strictly from the bank. The two of them weren’t getting along all that well so, in my pleasantly drunk state, I totally hit on her and gave her my number, all in front of D. Luckily, he doesn’t have any lasting emotions toward women, so he pretty much didn’t seem to care. I, however, felt good. She is wicked cute and probably has no interest in me, but it was nice to be flirted with for a while.

Tuesday, MHE and I had another Totally Awesome Tuesday. More feeling of we’re the most amazing (not a) couple in the world. Except there were a few twists. D. overtly flirting with MHE (payback from Monday perhaps?), D. mentioning that The Teller might be there last night in front of MHE (helping to let her know that I’m not sitting around waiting for her? or maybe another attempt at payback?), MHE getting pissingly jealous for a few moments when I was talking to Tina Feylike girl outside last night:
Two weeks ago, MHE suggested humorously that she could set me up with this woman, last night she said the exact same words but with such rancor that I was scared. But not so scared that I didn’t say: “No, thanks. My dance card is already pretty much filled.” Asshole comeback, but I decided not to appease her jealousy or to make things weird by saying “No, I love only you, godammit!” She stormed away to a corner of the deck at that point. I followed a moment later and asked her if she was okay and she said: “Oh, I was only kidding!” It wasn’t too convincing, but I let her save face. Why would she be jealous after all? She thinks this freedom stuff is great!

Anyway, let’s see, what else…oh, after that she overtly flirted with one of the pool players–sorry MHE but if I put up with that when we were together, now it was no problem at all. Oh, and at the end of the night she paid my tab. All in all, just another beautifully effed up evening in my world.

I’m really thinking I’m not going to be able to handle this type of friendship for long. Although I can talk about the chaotic part of her that recklessly does what it wants with no regard for others’ feelings for hours, I can also dwell on the amazing 90% of her that is wonderful and fun and so clearly in love with me too. And though she can be cruel and heartless if the mood suits her chaotic side, we’re just too perfect together the rest of the time. I still love her (really really deeply in my heart) but I fear that that means that I have to let her go. I don’t for a moment doubt that this is not a good time for a relationship for her and more and more I’m thinking it’s not a good time for me to get into the rut of being in this kind of love.

I don’t know. I’ll see her tomorrow. Thursday’s, even with Mr. Asshole around, though, are so much easier to handle. Well, so far at least.

I know, I know. I’m probably doomed to keep being the dumbshit puppy dog, taking the smacks and slaps because I know that every once in a while a treat will be thrown my way. Yep. That’s quite the update…


Weekend Update

November 27, 2007

Well, I’m not sure where this blog post will take me. I don’t have a ton of time to write and I have to cover Thursday through Monday. So, if this is a bit outlinish in places, I apologize…

Let’s see. Thursday. I had a typical Thanksgiving Day. Time with family, etc. etc. I did play some football with my brother and the boys. And, though we were playing two hand touch, boy was I sore afterwards. For three days. Sore. One funny moment from that came when on one play the boys managed to tackle each other while I was running with the ball, my brother in pursuit. Now, sure I could outrun him, but I know that if I ran the length of the field at full speed I’d also be wheezing like a …well, like something that wheezes a lot. So, as I was running I turned back to my brother in pursuit and said: “I jog you jog? Yes was the immediate reply. And that’s what we did.

Thursday night was a fun time down at the secret bar. C. and his bartender girlfriend were there. After the previous nights’ blowout though, C. hadn’t gone to her family’s for Thanksgiving. More tension there. JetBlue was there as I mentioned in my last post. We had a nic, normal conversation together which was great but which also kind of sucked in a way. It sucked in a way because, after a long slow day of drinking, I was sorely tempted to hit on her. She was looking great, acting normal. Like she knew she could step in my way. Not the time or place. Keep telling yourself that. You don’t need that right now. You’re on the verge of something potentially sweet. And I let it go.

Although Thursday was Ms. Hold ‘Em’s usual poker night she had decided to stay home and enjoy family time and prepare for Friday’s shopping spree. At some point during the night the bartender mentioned that Ms. Hold ‘Em had told her that if a bunch of players showed up to call her and she would come down. I was sorely tempted to bribe the bartender into telling her the place was packed with big money players. Alas I didn’t but I did text Ms. Hold ‘Em and tell her that had been my plan. I think she liked that little bit of reaching out.

So, anyway, Friday came along and, as C. wasn’t headed out and Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t headed out I found myself at yet another bar where D. and Dr. B. were at. (Haven’t heard from them on this blog for a while, eh?) We had the typical D. type conversations, mostly revolving around women and his and Dr. B.’s low opinions on all of them–but I’ve written before about how much that annoys me. Then his girlfriend–whom he denies vociferously is his girlfriend–showed up and he and Dr. B. went into berating her and treating her like shit. The part I don’t get is why she puts up with it. Constantly. But, hey, not my problem.

I heard from the two of them (and I question them as a source) that K2 is once again getting kicked out of her apartment. And, also, that she had been “away” drying out, but had slipped back into the cycle a few days after getting back. That’s too bad, if it’s true. She’s really a sweet, sweet person.

More weekend update in a few…

Recapping, part uno

October 18, 2007

I’ve been saying this a lot, but I have a lot of catching up to do here.

So, let’s start with things I remember: Sunday I watrched the Pats game with the kids and friends with kids. It was sweet: we had tons of good food (he makes amazing Puerto Rican rice and spareribs and I made some decent wings with a sweet/hot Thai-like sauce) and good beer. The highlight of the beer is that he has his kids trained to fetch them. They ask what flavor and he says either green, brown, or can. Fun stuff. And the kids were mezmerized by his fireplace. They fetched kindling–watch out for coyotes, kids!–and then he started a blaze. The kids watched it, fascinated. They looked for different images in the flames, much as they would with clouds. I still love watching fires (not in the scary arsonist way, just the cool campfirey way) so I understand their thrill.

After that I went to the bar briefly. I was supposed to meet Tattoo Guy there, but he had already left. K2 and the Jilted One were there, as well as D. and Dr. B. I went in fully intending to talk to K2–you know that thing I got for her–but while I was still walking in the door I notice that the bartender had put a beer down for me in the middle of the bar…and that was when I noticed JetBlue sitting there wearing a Red Sox cap. She had bought me a beer the second I walked in. Yeah. That was pretty unexpected. I was talking to a friend about this later and he agreed with me that I was the victim of a whatever the female version of the “cock-block” is called. She has a deep, abiding hatred for K2 and knows that I like her. I can definitely see her passive-aggressively keeping me away. I mean, it’s not like she has any interest in me herself or anything.

But, anyway, I was tired and only stayed for a couple. I talked to the Jilted One a little but didn’t get a chance to talk to K2 though I did witness an argument between her and D.–she confronted him about all the shit he was talking about her to her roommate. He was attempting a weak combination of bravado and minimizing what he said and some sort of attempt at self-deprecation, but all in all he was clearly in the wrong, had clearly treated her shittily. Of course, Dr. B was not helping. He too has been talking trash about K2 and he continued to try to as she confronted D. But she dismissively ignored him and gave me a look that suggested that he reminded her of the largest fart that someone else dropped in a crowded theatre.

Anyway, it was a short night for me, but a good Sunday overall.