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“I’m Bored. Let’s Play.”

October 2, 2008

These two simple sentences have been getting me into some interesting situations lately. Smart situations? Situations I’m Proud of? Situations that Won’t Get Me Drawn and Quartered? Not sure.

But, interesting? Yes.

After my long layoff from writing I have so much to tell about so many people. But let me just start my return to blogging with a quick message to myself–Monday night you went home for a reason: you were tired, truly done for the night, and you had to work. Under no circumstances should you have sent a good night message to the Jilted One at 1:30 a.m. And when she said she wanted to come and visit you, you should have said ‘no, I’m tired; I’m done; and I have to work in the morning’. You should not have said “I’ll meet you somewhere.

Okay, so, to cut to the chase, I left there at 7 a.m., in just enough time to get to work. On maybe two hours sleep. A hard situation to explain to anyone else–and I don’t think that my honest explanation that all we did was sleep is going to fly with anyone–let alone the surprisingly patient (so far) Ms. Hold ‘Em. You know, especially since we spooned away those early morning hours.

As dead as I should be, I do have to say that it was a really nice (you know, in a friendly but happy kind of way) time. Waking up next to the Jilted One was never anything I had expected to EVER happen to me. If it weren’t for you, dear readers, it would have to be a secret I carried with me forever. Or as The Jilted One texted it: “shhhhhhhhh4eva.”

You don’t want to know how many times I’ve gotten that text.

Oh, and tonight, K2 returns to the east coast–married and, well let’s see if she has changed lo these many months….


Nothing Special

January 31, 2008

Let’s see, in the last week Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have hung out a number of times:

We did homework together (well, each our own) on Monday…

and we had pool night on Tuesday. Oh yeah, and I beat her two more times extending my winning streak to five.

and we planned a mini-vaca to see Carrie Underwood. (Yeah, you heard me right)

and we planned an early summer vaca to the Cape.

and we talked a lot about the future, you know, lots of hypothetical questions.

Crazy shit, eh?

So, what is there to blog about? Maybe I could make it overly dramatic and turn going to New Hampshire for a night into a major life crisis. Or I could give you all the “gory” details of why we always get in much later than planned.

Or, I don’t know.

As I’ve said many times, be prepared for some boring blog entries at times. Not that I consider our (that’s Ms. Hold ‘Em and I, btw) relationship or our times together boring. I’m reveling in every minute of it. But exciting, NSWSMB type writing? Ain’t always happening.

Except for this tidbit:

Out of the blue, K2 got married last weekend and moved out west. I wish I knew more there–THAT’s clearly bloggable. And then there’s the email she sent me that ended with the cryptic: “You’ll all be seeing me again sooner than you can imagine.”

Current music: Nothing Special” by the Jazz Butcher

You Knew It

January 2, 2008

Well, dear readers, those of you who know me know that I’ll never catch up on all I missed writing about while on vacation. If I think of things particularly worth writing I will go back to them, but, unfortunately, I also may not.

And if you’ve been reading over the last couple of months you know that Ms. Hold ‘Em and I have been dating for awhile and everything has gone spendidly. Each day better than the last.

Oh, except that she broke up with me the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

“Why?” You might be asking. “How did you fuck up Mr. Setback?” seems like a reasonable inquiry.

Well, despite both she and I thinking that we’ve got the best relationship going since the Rosenbergs, she’s had this lingering text messaging thing with this guy that she had been hooking up with–someone whom she had wanted to have a relationship with but who was an asshole and treated her like crap and led her on, etc. But for some reason she couldn’t stop responding to his asshole texts (which were clearly intended to interfere with our new relationship). So she decided that she needed time to get over him–though it’s already been two months and they NEVER actually had a relationship (dear readers, may I point out that after dating/living with/talking about spending forever with someone, it took both of us about six weeks to be fully beyond each other). Yes, I got dumped for her lingering feelings for a total asshole (that’s an opinion shared by many, not just my own perception).

But that’s okay, I spent New Year’s down at the secret bar where I received lots of sympathy and at least a small amount of attention from K2, who went there on my suggestion.  JetBlue was there too, but that wasn’t on my suggestion, or anyone else’s hehe. I had a great time and got lots of New Years’ kisses and lots of advice from Ms. Hold ‘Em and my mutual friends. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, when I arrived at the secret bar the asshole was there which almost made me decide to leave–you know, instead of breaking his texting fingers and throwing his phone in the river. But I just ignored him. Life is simpler that way.

Oh, and it’salso okay, because at 1:30, around the time I was thinking of making a drunken move on K2 or one other eligible drunk, I got a phone call from Ms. Hold ‘Em, saying that she missed me and realized that I was the only person she wanted to be with and it was foolish of her to hold onto those stupid old feelings because I was great for her and her daughter. Personally, I think one of our friends texted her and said “If you want him back you might want to hurry, he’s moving in on K2 as we speak.” Hehe. Not really, but the timing was impeccable. Anyway, I told Ms. Hold ‘Em that I definitely wanted to talk about it more the next day but that, yeah, I was willing to keep moving forward with her, even though we missed out on our first New Year’s together.

So, that’s that. A twelve hour break-up survived.

More to come, I hope.

I mean blog entries, not break-ups…

Some Clarifications

November 30, 2007

Dear readers–and for once I’ll use the plural without wondering if it’s warranted–thanks for all of your comments. I figured a post entitled He’s a Fuckin’ Keeper would indeed get people’s attention. A few clarifications based on your comments/questions…

First of all, everything I write about my experiences in this blog in fact have happened to me. I still ponder the question though of what is fiction and what is non-fiction. Though I give you slices of my life–mainly those times spent in bars–it is a select portion of my life. Even within the relationships that I write about, I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could add, but don’t–either because I never get around to writing about it or because it doesn’t necessarily fit in with the themes that have emerged from each of my “characters'” lives.

And, in other ways, you could argue, this blog is fictionalized. When I quote conversations do I quote them completely and accurately? I certainly try to, but for the sake of the narrative I often compress things, pick out the nuggets of truth (or even just humor). I never put words in people’s mouths, but I do streamline. And when I characterize people I’m also relaying my own impression of them. Is “the Jilted One” really “the Jilted One” any more? No, she’s long past that. Does everyone think of JetBlue as the person who can’t get her relationships off the ground? No, to be honest, if you ask most people they have a different and even lower opinion of her behavior. And K2? I’ve idealized and humorized some real sad, perhaps tragic, behavior on her part. But it’s my blog and I’ve chosen to see it that way. And Ms. Hold ‘Em? (and I’ll update you all later on this story line) She’s a far more complicated person than I even want to write about. In fact, for the first time since starting this blog, I’ve met someone that I don’t even know if I want to keep writing about her because we’re really connecting well in so many ways and I don’t want to trivialize the facts of her life–and, who knows, our life at some point. Oh, and I can’t forget Afternoon Girl–the only regular character here who knows about my blog, I might add. If I wrote about her–and us–in its entirety, you’d be truly amazed at the sensually complex and driven person that she is.

Well, enough about that.

Oh, and, as far as “the bar scene” that a number of commenters have referred to–first of all, I don’t mind comments that criticize, or that remember not so fondly, hanging out in bars. Secondly, one thing I may not have pointed out in the past is that until last February, I spent relatively little time in bars. This whole ‘nearly every night out’ lifestyle is new to me. But it has introduced me to a range of people I never would have encountered sitting at home watching The Office. Always Sunny in Philadelphia, maybe. But not most television. And it’s also provided me with something that I hadn’t really experienced in 14 years. Being single and free to do as I pleased. And, believe me, I’m happier than anyone else that I’m thinking I’m quickly on my way to transitioning back to the guy that reads books and watches TV and cooks and only goes out a couple of nights a week–and not necessarily to a bar when we do. Believe me, I’ve missed having someone (other than my kids) to go on daytrips with, go to the beach with, go out to eat with, whatever.

And, finally, please don’t confuse my bars with “the bar scene.” To me, the bar scene involves crowded clubs or martini bars with a bunch of well-heeled office workers and other 20-somethings going out with the purpose of picking up/getting picked up. The places I write about are nothing like that (not that pick ups, etc. don’t happen). When I write about “the usual bar” (sometimes just called “the bar”) think of Cheers but if it were on Showtime. Just a bunch of characters who are reliably sitting in the same seat on certain nights, often talking about the same things day after day, with the occasional plotline thrown in. (“Hey, someone just threw a rock through the back window” or “Hey, that guy just passed out and fell off his stool”)

The “secret bar” is very quiet. Often nearly empty. The sort of place you go if you really don’t want to be seen out and about. In the summer you might often find no more than ten people there, all of them out on the patio smoking cigarettes, and all of them knowing each other–not just from the bar, but from years of being friends. In my mind I sometimes liken the place to the Court of Miracles in the Hunchback of Notre Dame–you know, where the blind beggars can suddenly see and the legless can suddenly walk, where you’re free to discuss your recent grifts without anyone thinking anything of it.

So, that’s that. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for more setbacks.

Weekend Update

November 27, 2007

Well, I’m not sure where this blog post will take me. I don’t have a ton of time to write and I have to cover Thursday through Monday. So, if this is a bit outlinish in places, I apologize…

Let’s see. Thursday. I had a typical Thanksgiving Day. Time with family, etc. etc. I did play some football with my brother and the boys. And, though we were playing two hand touch, boy was I sore afterwards. For three days. Sore. One funny moment from that came when on one play the boys managed to tackle each other while I was running with the ball, my brother in pursuit. Now, sure I could outrun him, but I know that if I ran the length of the field at full speed I’d also be wheezing like a …well, like something that wheezes a lot. So, as I was running I turned back to my brother in pursuit and said: “I jog you jog? Yes was the immediate reply. And that’s what we did.

Thursday night was a fun time down at the secret bar. C. and his bartender girlfriend were there. After the previous nights’ blowout though, C. hadn’t gone to her family’s for Thanksgiving. More tension there. JetBlue was there as I mentioned in my last post. We had a nic, normal conversation together which was great but which also kind of sucked in a way. It sucked in a way because, after a long slow day of drinking, I was sorely tempted to hit on her. She was looking great, acting normal. Like she knew she could step in my way. Not the time or place. Keep telling yourself that. You don’t need that right now. You’re on the verge of something potentially sweet. And I let it go.

Although Thursday was Ms. Hold ‘Em’s usual poker night she had decided to stay home and enjoy family time and prepare for Friday’s shopping spree. At some point during the night the bartender mentioned that Ms. Hold ‘Em had told her that if a bunch of players showed up to call her and she would come down. I was sorely tempted to bribe the bartender into telling her the place was packed with big money players. Alas I didn’t but I did text Ms. Hold ‘Em and tell her that had been my plan. I think she liked that little bit of reaching out.

So, anyway, Friday came along and, as C. wasn’t headed out and Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t headed out I found myself at yet another bar where D. and Dr. B. were at. (Haven’t heard from them on this blog for a while, eh?) We had the typical D. type conversations, mostly revolving around women and his and Dr. B.’s low opinions on all of them–but I’ve written before about how much that annoys me. Then his girlfriend–whom he denies vociferously is his girlfriend–showed up and he and Dr. B. went into berating her and treating her like shit. The part I don’t get is why she puts up with it. Constantly. But, hey, not my problem.

I heard from the two of them (and I question them as a source) that K2 is once again getting kicked out of her apartment. And, also, that she had been “away” drying out, but had slipped back into the cycle a few days after getting back. That’s too bad, if it’s true. She’s really a sweet, sweet person.

More weekend update in a few…

Just When You Think

November 1, 2007

Just when you think that someone is off the radar POW! BFFF! BAM! there they are again.

On Tuesday night Tattoo Guy and I headed down to the bar (or, as he says it, “the bahh”) to see the Jilted One working. Oh, that reminds me, my favorite recent quote from the JiltedOne: “I’m going to put that song (this is the one that she sang to me some months ago) on my mp3 player and when it plays only you and I will know that that’s OUR song.” Hehe…Oh, and THAT reminds me that the same evening she told me that she said to C., in front of his girlfriend, “I miss cuddling with you” which of course didn’t please his gf so she added “It’s okay, we were just friends. We didn’t have sex or anything.” That, I’m sure, was reassuring. She’s apparently also famous for calling guys at four in the morning, just to say hi. I can imagine that that is hard to explain to one’s girlfriend. Yeah.

But, anyway, after being among the missing all weekend–and after my errant phone call in the early morning–K2 was there at the bar, looking as alluring as ever. I, of course, had to break the ice with an apology about the accidental phone call (and I was nervous about mentioning it to her ever because Tattoo Guy kept asking me if I was embarrassed that that had happened, which of course made me embarrassed that that had happened). But she was totally cool about it and laughed it off and said ‘what can ya do?’ Sweet.

And here’s the great part of this whole evening: we talked more than ever before. And it was a great conversation, back and forth, interesting (I think on both ends), all that I could hope for at this point. Yes, for you people that think I wasted my time studying Irish literature and history, screw you, because it paid off Tuesday night. After so many months of missed communications and wondering and dreaming and whatever, I finally feel like we’re real and true friends. Really, despite everything about her that people are more than happy to gossip about, she’s such a cool and sweet and thoughtful and intelligent person. And I dig that. Anyway, at this point, I feel like we’re friends. I don’t get the feeling that much else will go on, but that’s okay. I’ve been surprised before. Especially with the Jilted One’s “love” for me, I know that several people would put in a good word for me and all.

But, for the most part I’ve moved my affections to a new zip code anyway and I’m looking forward to “running into” Ms. Hold ‘Em tonight at the secret bar. I found out last night that she and the bartender are good friends so again I’ve got someone to count on for talking me up to her. You see, the bartender loves me, thinks I’m god’s gift to bartenders (that is, I don’t get loud or angry or violent AND I tip well). She and her boyfriend C. have invited me out to dinner and to parties and such. So, I know (I love building myself up for a large disappointment, eh?) without a doubt that things are going to work out for me this time. I’m due.

Not So Fluttery

October 30, 2007

Okay, so after an optimistic yesterday, why am I mired in a pessimistic Tuesday? Right now I’m thinking that maybe I blew my only opportunity–after hanging out with Ms. Hold ‘Em and not asking her out or anything maybe she’s already judged me negatively. All I can say is that Thursday will be nerve-wracking any way you slice it.

But part of me is still fluttery and thinking about her cuteness and sweetness and all. I can’t help it. I’m torn between the two sides of me–stupidly optimistic and needlessly pessimistic. I wonder which one is right this time around?

Oh, and in other news, I had my phone in my pocket this morning and forgot to lock the keyboard (it’s external). When I got to work I realized that my phone had inadvertently called K2 at 7:15 this morning. She must be thinking I’m some kind of fucking freak. Can’t wait to hear this story. The last time that happened to me it was a call from my pocket to a co-worker at 2 a.m. At least if he was pissed it had no real effect on me…

See ya.

Recapping, part tatu

October 24, 2007

Well, I won’t let the fact that absolutely no one has read this blog in two days deterring me from attempting some sort of update…

Last night I received a surprise text from my friend who “runs” the secret bar. As this was a rarity (asking me to meet him for drinks on a Tuesday) I was sure to comply. As it turns out, he and his girlfriend seem to be in the process of breaking up and he decided to deal with it by not talking to her and drinking heavily instead. Little did he know I’m a bit of an expert in that strategy. Anyway, Tattoo Guy and I were there for quite a while–I scored potential invites to both going out for sushi soon AND a post-Christmas party, cha chang–and then when others were leaving we packed up and I insisted on going to the usual bar.

Why didn’t I just go home? Well, as more astute readers may have guessed, I knew that the Jilted One was working and I hoped that K2 would show up on the scene. So we spent quite some hanging out there with the Jilted One and the Gangster and his girlfriend, as well as other people who passed through. Oh yeah, including a, let’s say, “chubby” girl that I briefly expressed interest in to Tattoo Guy, whom TG decided to chat up “on my behalf” and to tell her that we would be back there tonight! Oh my. The problem was 1) I first saw her when she was sitting at a table, and 2) Tattoo Guy seemed bound and determined to set me up with someone, anyone, you know, what with all the “success” he’s had helping me to work the K2 angle.

Oh yeah, K2. At some point in the evening, K2 and her friend (see the ala Pulp Fiction dancing girl from an April post) breezed in and K2 said hi to Tattoo Guy and me. Then she asked for a cigarette, so TG and I headed outside. When we got out there her friend came out and asked for a cigarette as well. And then they, um, left immediately. Yes indeedy, 45 seconds worth of quality K2 time and only a $40 bar tab to show for it…

What else is there to say…

Recapping, part zwei

October 23, 2007

This idea of doing recaps in pieces just isn’t working out, is it? For every five days worth of material, I get one in the books.

Why have I not been driven to write as of late? I have the same amount of time as I did last spring. Maybe the time is coming for me to look at what I’ve written and see it as a complete cycle. The whole idea all along has been to fictionalize it (even more so than the process of deciding what to report is already a form of fictionalization) and I’m thinking I’m at the point where I have a complete story. You know, fill in a few car chases and I’ve got myself a blockbuster. heh.

Anyway, I haven’t seen K2 since Thursday, but that’s okay. We’ve texted a couple of times so I’m happy with that. She’s not the sort of girl you want to hover around and look needy in front of. But last night I did get a little quality time with the Jilted One, not to mention JetBlue. Nothing stands out in any of the conversations though. Oh, except when the Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” came on and the Jilted One looked at me and smiled: “They’re playing your song.”


But, anyway, this is the point when I make the false promise of “More Later.”

Recapping, part uno

October 18, 2007

I’ve been saying this a lot, but I have a lot of catching up to do here.

So, let’s start with things I remember: Sunday I watrched the Pats game with the kids and friends with kids. It was sweet: we had tons of good food (he makes amazing Puerto Rican rice and spareribs and I made some decent wings with a sweet/hot Thai-like sauce) and good beer. The highlight of the beer is that he has his kids trained to fetch them. They ask what flavor and he says either green, brown, or can. Fun stuff. And the kids were mezmerized by his fireplace. They fetched kindling–watch out for coyotes, kids!–and then he started a blaze. The kids watched it, fascinated. They looked for different images in the flames, much as they would with clouds. I still love watching fires (not in the scary arsonist way, just the cool campfirey way) so I understand their thrill.

After that I went to the bar briefly. I was supposed to meet Tattoo Guy there, but he had already left. K2 and the Jilted One were there, as well as D. and Dr. B. I went in fully intending to talk to K2–you know that thing I got for her–but while I was still walking in the door I notice that the bartender had put a beer down for me in the middle of the bar…and that was when I noticed JetBlue sitting there wearing a Red Sox cap. She had bought me a beer the second I walked in. Yeah. That was pretty unexpected. I was talking to a friend about this later and he agreed with me that I was the victim of a whatever the female version of the “cock-block” is called. She has a deep, abiding hatred for K2 and knows that I like her. I can definitely see her passive-aggressively keeping me away. I mean, it’s not like she has any interest in me herself or anything.

But, anyway, I was tired and only stayed for a couple. I talked to the Jilted One a little but didn’t get a chance to talk to K2 though I did witness an argument between her and D.–she confronted him about all the shit he was talking about her to her roommate. He was attempting a weak combination of bravado and minimizing what he said and some sort of attempt at self-deprecation, but all in all he was clearly in the wrong, had clearly treated her shittily. Of course, Dr. B was not helping. He too has been talking trash about K2 and he continued to try to as she confronted D. But she dismissively ignored him and gave me a look that suggested that he reminded her of the largest fart that someone else dropped in a crowded theatre.

Anyway, it was a short night for me, but a good Sunday overall.