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Brimfield 2008

May 21, 2008

Ms. Hold ‘Em, her beautiful daughter, and I went to Brimfield on Sunday. Here are a few pictures. I will try to follow with more text later.

Oh, and I’m slowly starting to build up my photos on Flickr. I only have a few now, but soon there will be many. But you can see a few pictures of MHE, HBD (her beautiful daughter), me, and my boys. Not to mention shots from Brimfield and Brattleboro.

If you know me, you can either guess what name to search (think, my other blog and its initials) or you can ask me and I will tell you. If you’re stopping by here randomly, I probably won’t give you the username I use there. Nothing personal, kids.


My Boring Blog Entry For Monday Morning

December 10, 2007

Well, I’m sitting here at work with about a third of my usual “clients” present (wintery weather and all) and we’re watching a video. A nice, quiet, sleety Monday morning.

I had an okay weekend. Nothing much to report from Saturday and Sunday. A few kid basketball games–three losses (looks like a trend, get used to it). Spent some time on Saturday at the secret bar,but none of the usual suspects were there so it was a bit of a dull time indeed. Sunday I watched some football and went down to the bar above the secret bar. Again, not too much happening, but a nice enough time.

And, so, yes, I spent a lot of that time really missing Ms. Hold ‘Em. I’m sure, after my last blog post, you’re wondering about me (as I am) but now I’ll say that, regardless of where my mind wanders, I really want to figure out if we’ll really work out together. And I know my heart wants it to happen.

We did get to go out Friday night. We started the evening with a locally-produced play which, on the whole, was excellent. Then we stopped by a bar north of here for a while before settling into the secret bar for the end of the evening. At different times we both noted our relative quietness–Friday’s, and the whole week’s worth of tiredness, will do that to me. But Ms. Hold ‘Em described it as a comfortable silence and I’m glad she did because it really was for me. The whole night I pictured myself snuggling with her on the couch, watching TV, and plotting out some future grift..just kidding about the last part. I don’t know. There’s just a comfortableness that we have together that’s hard to describe or explain. Anyway, thoughI still have to rewind this blog to last week, I have now caught up on this relatively uneventful weekend.

Oh, one last thing…I met her daughter for the second time when I picked up Ms. Hold ‘Em on Friday. It was funny (and interesting) because Ms. Hold ‘Em was on the phone with the baby-daddy when I came in and was trying to get her daughter to say hi to him. She listened on the phone attentively but didn’t say anything, but when she noticed me she started waving and said something in baby-talk. Hehe. Then–THEN, she toddled over and gave me a big hug! Double hehe! It was so cute. And, I do believe, she’s managed to give me that extra appeal for Ms. Hold ‘Em who, you know, with the young daughter, has to be really sure about anyone she’s in a relationship with.

Anyway, I hope to have more time to write later. See ya, dear reader.


December 8, 2007

Okay, I know that I have a lot of catching up to do with you dear readers–two dates and a Thursday night poker night with Ms. Hold ‘Em, plus lots of other loose ends I’m sure. But I’m writing right now for some advice and, perhaps, the bitch slap that is necessary to make me see the light.

Okay, so I find out from Afternoon Girl that she’s going to be back in town in a week. If you’re not a long time reader to this blog I’ll sum things up quickly and say that she and I had a summer-long no-strings-attached fling that was more fun than…than…well, more fun than most 43 year old guys can ask for. And so of course when she said she was coming back me first thought was “Hell yeah!” And then the second thought I had, one which disturbed me as much as it might disturb you, was “How can I pull this off without Ms. Hold ‘Em knowing?”

And, as you are astute readers, you can figure out what some of my dilemmas are: why was THAT my reaction, rather than “Wish I could see you, but…”? I will say that Afternoon Girl knows all about Ms. Hold ‘Em and I’m sure if I said “Let’s just hang out as friends”, she’d be cool with that…except for the fact that we tried that approach at one point during the summer and, well, it didn’t last long. I could also be honest with Ms. Hold ‘Em and hang out with both of them (and whoever else was around)–and that would make the whole “as friends” thing easier to accomplish. But I don’t even know if that’s a good idea. And, whatever’s best, I’ll say that I’m not inclined to not see Afternoon Girl because I know her much better than I know Ms. Hold ‘Em and I’ll have very few chances to ever see her again. Despite our crazy times, deep down we’re friends.

Add to all those dilemmas the fact that I’m not feeling 100% sold on Ms. Hold ‘Em. I hate to say it because in so many ways she’s wonderful and, I think, will be great for me. I sometimes fear that the promise of steadiness and kindness that I do deliver (even when I’m having sloppy past-involvement dilemmas) might be what she sees valuable in me, rather than me myself. I mean, she has a nearly two year old daughter and, from the sounds of it, I’m probably the first person who hasn’t balked at the idea that if we really get a relationship going that she’ll be a part of it. That can be powerful stuff for a single mother. And, though I’m usually happy to throw myself headlong into a new relationship, the fact that she’s diving in quicker than me makes me wonder.

I know, I’m being a cynical ass.

But, anyway, there it is. I’m sure what I’ve written didn’t come out as clear to you as it is in my brain, but–hey–I do the best I can.

“He’s a Fuckin’ Keeper”

November 27, 2007

So, Saturday rolled around and I found out that Ms. Hold ‘Em couldn’t head out until around ten, which was a bit of a bummer but, hey, what can ya do? During the day my older son had a basketball game. On Friday his team had been crushed 41-7 or something like that. Saturday was much better–they only lost 20-13. My son had a basket too, so that was all good.

Saturday night I stopped by the secret bar for a bit before heading out to get Ms. Hold ‘Em. I took the surprisingly quick trip to her town and picked up my lovely date. And she was looking pretty darned cute too. But not as cute as her idea to start off the evening–“let’s go down to the scary bar. I have to drop something off there”. As I may have mentioned in the past, she used to work there and had a scary collage of some of the regulars that was going to go up on the wall.

We got there and she was met with lots of hugs and kisses and “wherecho bin, girl?” We got a drink and went to the back room for a cigarette with an older woman who called herself Ms. Hold ‘Em’s ‘momma’. Anyway, they talked a little bit and then “Momma” asked Ms. Hold ‘Em: “So, is this your boyfriend?” Hehe, put on the spot, right there on the second date. And, Ms. Hold ‘Em blushed a little but handled it well and said that “we’re trying to figure that out. He’s definitely my date.” And we all talked more. Then ‘Momma’ said: “You know, he’s a really fuckin’ nice guy. He’s a fuckin’ keeper.” Ahh, yes. The stamp of approval. Then she added: “Sorry, but I say ‘fuck’ all the time.” And, though I was dressed, let’s say, a little too well for the scary bar, I wanted to let her know I could fit in so I responded: “No fuckin’ problem.” And she looked at Ms. Hold ‘Em and nodded her headed and said: “I told you he’s a fuckin’ keeper.”

So, after that, we had a nice night hanging out down at the secret bar with friends, although I would’ve much preferred to have some “us” time–and I’m not meaning it the way you’re probably taking it. But you know, this was good too. As I’ve written before, Ms. Hold ‘Em is very affectionate: PDAs are suddenly all the rage for me. Lots of hand holding and coming together at the bar and lots of hugging and stuff when we’re outside for cigarettes. Even when we went upstairs to the main bar, in that less intimate atmosphere, we were hand in hand walking through the place.

Anyway, the night wore on and at closing time it was pretty clear the secret bar was only closing in name. The owner turned out all the lights and about 10 or so of us sat there in candlelight, hardly seeing each other, conversation going back and forth like spiritvoices. Ms. Hold ‘Em and I used the darkness to our advantage is all else to say there.

Oh, except that at some point after-hours a woman showed up at the bar and demanded her husband go home with her. That was fatally embarrassing I would imagine. And finally around 3:45 Ms. Hold ‘Em and I and a couple of other couples were the only ones left except the owner who was cursing the fact that he was the only one who wasn’t with someone. So, anyway, we headed off into the sunrise and the night was done.

Like I’ve said before, all is good for me, but must be getting awfully dull for you, dear reader.

Weekend Update

November 27, 2007

Well, I’m not sure where this blog post will take me. I don’t have a ton of time to write and I have to cover Thursday through Monday. So, if this is a bit outlinish in places, I apologize…

Let’s see. Thursday. I had a typical Thanksgiving Day. Time with family, etc. etc. I did play some football with my brother and the boys. And, though we were playing two hand touch, boy was I sore afterwards. For three days. Sore. One funny moment from that came when on one play the boys managed to tackle each other while I was running with the ball, my brother in pursuit. Now, sure I could outrun him, but I know that if I ran the length of the field at full speed I’d also be wheezing like a …well, like something that wheezes a lot. So, as I was running I turned back to my brother in pursuit and said: “I jog you jog? Yes was the immediate reply. And that’s what we did.

Thursday night was a fun time down at the secret bar. C. and his bartender girlfriend were there. After the previous nights’ blowout though, C. hadn’t gone to her family’s for Thanksgiving. More tension there. JetBlue was there as I mentioned in my last post. We had a nic, normal conversation together which was great but which also kind of sucked in a way. It sucked in a way because, after a long slow day of drinking, I was sorely tempted to hit on her. She was looking great, acting normal. Like she knew she could step in my way. Not the time or place. Keep telling yourself that. You don’t need that right now. You’re on the verge of something potentially sweet. And I let it go.

Although Thursday was Ms. Hold ‘Em’s usual poker night she had decided to stay home and enjoy family time and prepare for Friday’s shopping spree. At some point during the night the bartender mentioned that Ms. Hold ‘Em had told her that if a bunch of players showed up to call her and she would come down. I was sorely tempted to bribe the bartender into telling her the place was packed with big money players. Alas I didn’t but I did text Ms. Hold ‘Em and tell her that had been my plan. I think she liked that little bit of reaching out.

So, anyway, Friday came along and, as C. wasn’t headed out and Ms. Hold ‘Em wasn’t headed out I found myself at yet another bar where D. and Dr. B. were at. (Haven’t heard from them on this blog for a while, eh?) We had the typical D. type conversations, mostly revolving around women and his and Dr. B.’s low opinions on all of them–but I’ve written before about how much that annoys me. Then his girlfriend–whom he denies vociferously is his girlfriend–showed up and he and Dr. B. went into berating her and treating her like shit. The part I don’t get is why she puts up with it. Constantly. But, hey, not my problem.

I heard from the two of them (and I question them as a source) that K2 is once again getting kicked out of her apartment. And, also, that she had been “away” drying out, but had slipped back into the cycle a few days after getting back. That’s too bad, if it’s true. She’s really a sweet, sweet person.

More weekend update in a few…

Recapping, part uno

October 18, 2007

I’ve been saying this a lot, but I have a lot of catching up to do here.

So, let’s start with things I remember: Sunday I watrched the Pats game with the kids and friends with kids. It was sweet: we had tons of good food (he makes amazing Puerto Rican rice and spareribs and I made some decent wings with a sweet/hot Thai-like sauce) and good beer. The highlight of the beer is that he has his kids trained to fetch them. They ask what flavor and he says either green, brown, or can. Fun stuff. And the kids were mezmerized by his fireplace. They fetched kindling–watch out for coyotes, kids!–and then he started a blaze. The kids watched it, fascinated. They looked for different images in the flames, much as they would with clouds. I still love watching fires (not in the scary arsonist way, just the cool campfirey way) so I understand their thrill.

After that I went to the bar briefly. I was supposed to meet Tattoo Guy there, but he had already left. K2 and the Jilted One were there, as well as D. and Dr. B. I went in fully intending to talk to K2–you know that thing I got for her–but while I was still walking in the door I notice that the bartender had put a beer down for me in the middle of the bar…and that was when I noticed JetBlue sitting there wearing a Red Sox cap. She had bought me a beer the second I walked in. Yeah. That was pretty unexpected. I was talking to a friend about this later and he agreed with me that I was the victim of a whatever the female version of the “cock-block” is called. She has a deep, abiding hatred for K2 and knows that I like her. I can definitely see her passive-aggressively keeping me away. I mean, it’s not like she has any interest in me herself or anything.

But, anyway, I was tired and only stayed for a couple. I talked to the Jilted One a little but didn’t get a chance to talk to K2 though I did witness an argument between her and D.–she confronted him about all the shit he was talking about her to her roommate. He was attempting a weak combination of bravado and minimizing what he said and some sort of attempt at self-deprecation, but all in all he was clearly in the wrong, had clearly treated her shittily. Of course, Dr. B was not helping. He too has been talking trash about K2 and he continued to try to as she confronted D. But she dismissively ignored him and gave me a look that suggested that he reminded her of the largest fart that someone else dropped in a crowded theatre.

Anyway, it was a short night for me, but a good Sunday overall.

Life-sized Demons, Karaoke, and a Big Bag of Ice

August 10, 2007

So, let’s see…yesterday I had a long day with the kids. We did all those typical things that we do: batting cages, visiting grandpa, going to the pool club, playing video games. Then there was football practice and a second trip to the club so D^ could cool off and Padraig could play with friends.

Anyway, after I dropped them off I headed down to the secret bar. The regular cast of characters were there including a tired-looking JetBlue sitting alone at the bar. I went inside to order a drink and stood next to her and said hi and all that.

JetBlue: Guess who called me today after nearly a month of ignoring me? I didn’t call back though. Can you believe the nerve of him?

Hehe, in case, dear reader, you haven’t been following the storyline: JetBlue is hung up on this guy (who everyone else thinks is a jerk, etc.) who keeps stringing her along. And she wonders why he strings her along? Um, maybe because you let him.

Anyway, I wasn’t buying into the ‘sit at the bar and listen to other guy’ stories ad nauseum so said something like “Oh, well, what can ya do?” and went outside. I was pretty tired after my busy day so I pretty much just hung out listening to a variety of conversations: witty banter between two businessmen about cardboard; the woman who has a life-sized demon at home that she takes out for drives sometimes; the drunken conversation that made no sense; and then the Pharmacist and his girlfriend and her friend talking about karaoke…

Which led to a brief, somewhat amusing trip upstairs to where the karaoke in question was happening. Um, happening is probably not a good word because the only two people (yes, the only two!) in the bar were the bartender and the DJ. Sucky night to be bartending up there apparently–and what was worse was we brought our drinks from down below. Anyway, the girls sang a couple of songs and the Pharmacist dared me to do a duet with him, but I passed. If I were drunker AND the bartender and the DJ were out of the room then, maybe, just maybe.

So, we headed back downstairs shortly thereafter and settled back into the quiet life. the Pharmacist’s friends kept telling him he looked fucked up and I joined in the fun. The Pharmicist is so sensitive and paranoid that you can make an evening of entertainment out of pretending he looks messed up.

Anyway, they eventually left and I helped bring in the furniture. JetBlue had fallen asleep on the couch. The poker game was starting to wrap up.

Fell asleep on the couch? Wha!?

Me (to bartender): That can’t be good for business.

Bartender: Sleeping like a baby. And she only had one drink.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that she mentioned that she had been out drinking Sangria somewhere. A night of red wine will make you sleepy. Not that personally I’d be comfortable falling asleep in a bar, but, hey, all god’s critters got a place in the choir.

I suggested to the bartender that they just close up and leave her there. She could be their first customer tomorrow.

As they were contemplating whether or not to do that she woke up though and headed home. I headed out shortly after that. Not much else to say about last night except I had a brief phone conversation–well, two brief ones–with Afternoon Girl, but she was kinda sleepy and distracted so not much to say there.

Oh, last thing. After a long late night out I had to give my brother a ride to work because his car was going into the shop. At 5 A-fuckin-M. If you are one of the Unfortunates–people who drink until two and then have somewhere to be at, say, 5–you know what that was like: wearing last night’s clothes, smelling like fuckin’ Red Bull and smoke, and the car…well, I’m thinking the car smelled like a brothel–a mix of every conceivable smell, none of them unpleasant in and of themselves, that together seem more decadent than Berlin in the 20s. Anyway, as I drove to pick up my brother, the windows were down to soften the concern that my own private little Cabaret might cause him. Anyway, I was home by 6 and I crawled back into bed for another four hours. mmm hmm.

And then I had a dream, the only part of which I remember is that a friend of mine and I were hanging out on the X’s lawn. And it seemed like we were meant to be there. And the X showed up crying and got out of a car carrying a big bag of ice. Ice! Oh, and she had pigtails. Not sure where that came from either. It’s weird, because I haven’t had a dream (that I remember) featuring her since the one in which I lived in her house, but she didn’t. I think I’ll leave it at that. I’ve had plenty of other weird dreams featuring people around me lately. And I don’t want this to become the dream blog.

Okay, I’ve wasted enough of your time. See ya! 

Not Much

June 28, 2007

I had a busy day yesterday but not really too much to write about. I spent the day with the kids. While with them, I tried to get some lesson plans written, but I’m still resisting that. I’ve still got one more day for that. Then we went to the pool/tennis club in the afternoon and had a relaxing swim. Nice, but nothing really to blog about.

Then I golfed despite the 95 degree heat. It was pretty miserable but, you know, when you’re in a league you gotta do whatcha gotta do. I started off very slow and, except for two or three decent holes, never really got in any way consistent. The weather certainly didn’t seem to affect our opponents though. I guess some people aren’t quite so bothered by humidity as I am.

In the evening I went to the bar and ran into JetBlue. I was going to sit somewhere else in the bar, but the only empty seats were all around her. So I decided to take the risk and sit there. Ever since the weekend’s incident I’ve been fearing that she’s going to continue berating me, but maybe not. Maybe the apology did take. Last night we talked about a number of different things. I got to hear a few interesting stories I hadn’t heard before. But, being the open, honest, sharing people that we are the two topics we totally avoided were sorting out our feelings after the weekend and the clearly dubious status of any relationship that we might have had. But, maybe that’s for the best. Being open and honest and communicative is perhaps over-rated. And, not knowing anything about what your good friend is thinking–that’s perhaps for the best anyway. No one wants to tap too deep into the dark recesses of either of our minds.

Well, in between our surface conversations I also got to talk to Afternoon Girl a couple of times on the phone. As I’ve said before, by far the better part of such an evening. Always nice to actually talk to someone who cares enough to ask you about your day instead of just talking about hers. Go figure. Anyway, I just hope that our schedules work out for this weekend. I’m missing my AG something fierce.

The second time we were on the phone last night was shortly after JB left the bar. And not much was going on, so I told AG that I was headed home shortly. But, the best laid plans…, as I was getting off the phone M. came around the corner with K2 in tow.  So, I ended up staying and talking to then for an hour or two and at some point I did a Tur’bo with K2–that was sweet. Even sweeter, the Jilted One gave me a free shot–not sure what it was but it was fruity good. And sweetest of all–my bar tab consisted of only two beers and the Tur’bo. Ahhhh, why can’t the Jilted One work every night?

So, as I was saying, not much to write about. It was pretty low energy all around at the bar, but I guess that’s to be expected now that it’s summer and it’s hot and humid and all. Tonight, back to the secret bar… 


June 27, 2007

Perhaps I should rename this blog “Quick Updates” because it feels like that’s what I’ll be doing all summer long.

But here it goes–I went to the beach with the boys yesterday. Lots of fun, lots of sun. We had an interesting discussion about bikinis (note: it was G-rated and it wasn’t me that brought it up) and I caught Patrick checking a woman out while they were in the water. Okay, he may have been staring at her tattoo on her lower back, but, hey, he’s my son. that’s for sure.

And I was out at the bar for a little while. Not much going on. A few people were there for a bit but shortly after I got there it turned out to be myself, Tattoo Guy, JetBlue and one of her GFs hanging out at one end of the bar. I mostly talked to Tattoo Guy and purposely stood at the other end of the group. And it’s a message to her, in case you’re not really paying attention.

At one point she suggested that she and Tattoo Guy do something together for their birthdays which are a couple days apart (and that’s a message for me, in case you’re not really paying attention) and he said: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s bring J. along. He’s a cool guy.” Hehe–and she pretended not to hear and played around with her phone. And I noticed her ignoring it because I’ve seen her ignore things I’ve said in the past. Drop something into a conversation like “Hey, you should have us over to go swimming” and you can be sure that she’s suddenly busy with her phone or with something in her purse.

Other than that–it’s hot hot hot today. I’m supposed to golf tonight but I’m not sure if I have the energy. I know–sounds a bit ironic, not having the energy to golf. At any rate I’ll be spending the afternoon at the local swim/tennis club, hanging with the boys and, oh yeah, all the thirty-something moms. I love being a teacher.

Quick Update

June 24, 2007

Well, I’ll have to sit down and write about Friday, Saturday, and I guess today at some point tomorrow. A couple of quick things though so I don’t forget them.

Let’s see, Friday night I got powerful drunk and got into an argument with JetBlue. That happened as she was leaving the bar. After that little flare up–let’s just say that I, um, implied that she was incapable of maintaining even a casual relationship and she, um, implied that I hung around with the wrong people. Or something not quite as nice as that.–I headed down to the secret bar to have a drink, in the hopes she would show up so I could apologize for my end of it–I am, if nothing else, a serial apologizer.

I had a beer there and didn’t see her at all and was going to leave when I saw her car outside. So I went back in and looked around and sure enough there she was sitting on a couch in the corner of the bar. And she was pretty well as bombed as I was. So I sat down and said I was sorry and we had a drink or two. There rest is a little foggy, but I think we did a pretty good job of apologizing and all. But, to be honest, the details are pretty foggy in my brain.

I spent most of Saturday with Padraig. We had a great day. Two quick highlights: We were playing ball at the local swim/tennis club at which he is a member and I didn’t want to run after him–I’m generally lazy as you may know–and he said: “C’mon dad, release your inner child!” Also, when we were having dinner he was flirting with the waitress. And, yes, as a seven year old he flirts much better than I ever could. At one point, he said something funny to her and when she walked away he said “Everyone loves the comedian.” I’ll have to try to remember some of his other quotes though. He was on a roll.

More soon.