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Too Long of a Thursday

December 4, 2007

It’s Tuesday and I’m back at work. Yesterday was an unexpected day off. An appreciated one, but an unexpected one.

But, that’s not what I’m here to write about. I have four or five days to update you on and that’s what I’m here to try to commit to “paper.” Let’s see, where to begin…

Thursday was an interesting night, though at the moment the details of it are kind of hard to remember. Tattoo Guy and I went down to the secret bar where Ms. Hold ‘Em was dealing cards. Actually, we went to the usual bar first, because he insisted that we stop there. So I was particularly annoyed when at quarter to nine–45 minutes after I usually show up at the secret bar–I got a text from Ms. Hold ‘Em saying that there weren’t any poker players there yet. This was annoying because I wasn’t there and she was there and not working. As you may have guessed, I’m not much of a fan of wasted opportunities.

So we got there shortly thereafter and I got to spend a half hour or so hanging with Ms. Hold ‘Em before her game got started. And, even then, early in the evening, I noticed that she definitely was feeling closer to me. You know, slowly letting down that guard that you put up when you meet someone new and you know that your emotions might be on the line. As we talked too, one of the first things she did was to aplogize for something that happened the previous Saturday. This was especially nice for me because I had been annoyed by what happened, but had written it off as an “it is what it is” situation. Something to store away as a potential problem, but not really my place to say anything about it. Sorry if I’m being vague here, but, you know, I’m not going to tell you everything. Anyway, her apology was really touching and definitely reinforced that “getting closer” feeling that I was sensing.

Anyway, the night progressed and Tattoo Guy, who was a bit lit when we went out, switched over to red wine. I warned him it was a mistake, but he wouldn’t listen to me. He was mainly there expecting the Young One (who’s also the Friday bartender there) to be there and be interested in him. He felt that she had led him to believe that was the case. Though, of course, what was really happening was that she was building him up for her friend who didn’t have the nerve to do it herself. Or something like that. At any rate, it wasn’t going to be a good evening for him because the Young One was on a mission (involving another guy) and Tattoo Guy was drinking the red wine on top of everything else he had had that evening.

I don’t remember too many other details from the evening except that Ms. Hold ‘Em and I got to hang out a while and then, at closing time, she, I, and Tattoo Guy stood outside talking until quarter of four in the morning. Yes, I did have to work the next day, thank you for noticing. And the bizarre thing about that conversation was that the two of them were basically talking about me and about how our relationship was going. As if Ms Hold ‘Em was too shy to ask me directly or something. I don’t know. Anyway, working the next day on two hours a sleep was not a treat for me.

next update coming atcha tomorrow…



November 23, 2007

So, anyway, dear readers I went down to the secret bar on Wednesday with Tattoo Guy. It’s the first time he’s been out in a while and seemed to be in rare form. I always forget to ask him that all important question before I tell him I’m going out–you know, have you been drinking all day already?

At any rate, the night was going fine despite his boisterousness. Ms. Hold ‘Em came down around ten o’clock so we got to hang out awhile. She’s in her busy season with work (okay, okay, selling stuff on the Internet) so it was a real bonus as far as I was concerned. At any rate, I’ve started to notice–and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before–that when she’s not drunk she’s pretty shy. Either that or she saw me after I’d had a couple of drinks and said to herself “You know what? I’m all set.” (hey, until she professes her everlastin’ love for me, I’ll be filled with doubt). 

At any rate, I think all was going well until around 1:15 when Tattoo Guy decided he absolutely had to leave AND he absolutely needed to go to McDonald’s. The conversation, which I vaguely remember being in front of several people, went something like this:

TG: You need to drive me home and I need to stop at McDonalds, bitch.

Me: Ms. Hold ‘Em will be leaving soon. It can wait.

TG: No it can’t fuckin wait. Let’s go.

Me: Motherfucker, Ms. Hold ‘Em is here and she’ll be gone before I get back. Do you fucking understand that?

TG: I’m your friend motherfucker.

Me: Yeah you are so just go sleep in the car or something, dick.

TG: Fuck you bitch. She’ll still be here so let’s just motherfuckin’ go.

Me: Fuck you. I’m not leaving.

TG: Come on, you motherfuckin prick!

Me: Well, no McDonalds and I’ll see if Ms. Hold ‘Em wants to go.

TG: You’re bringing me to fucking McDonalds.

Then Ms. Hold ‘Em walked outside. I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride to drop Tattoo Guy off and at first said yes but then decided to stay to talk to a friend. So we said goodnight and I took off, being sure to send an apologetic text to her on the way.

Tattoo Guy insisted on the trip to McDonalds and then home. I was driving fast–but you know I’m not a crazy driver so not too fast. The whole way home I berated him for making me leave. Ms. Hold ‘Em sent me a text back that she understood and I was being a good friend to him–so I feel like I got some points there.

At any rate, I got back to the secret bar as she was walking out. So we said a brief goodnight and I went back in.

And yet the night wasn’t over. After the bar officially closed the bartender was waiting outside ready to go. C.–who you may recall is her boyfriend–was inside talking to someone and seemed to be in no rush to go. He knew she wanted to go, but he’s had this thing lately about ‘standing his ground.’ I don’t know.

Anyway, she asked me for a ride home and I gave her one. When we got there she said something vaguely about keys to the house, said goodnight and left. I drove away and then realized she might’ve said something about not having her keys so I tried to circle around the block to check to see if she was okay. But it was so foggy, I couldn’t even see the houses not to mention try to remember which one was hers.

So, as it turned out she was locked out. C. came home an hour later. Man, all is not well in that household. It’s a shame really, because they’re the ones who got Ms. Hold ‘Em and I together.

At any rate, that’s all I got for now. Oh, except I hung out with JetBlue a while last night at the secret bar. But that was relatively uneventful–though I will say she wasn’t being annoying. It was a refreshing change of pace.

De-smokifying Myself

November 5, 2007

Well, well, well, dear readers. All I can say is that I’m feeling that happy tingly feeling inside. You know what I mean. When you’ve found someone new and the world is filled with fascinating possibilities. And you want to tell everyone about how you feel and you don’t even notice that they’re not really listening. When your thoughts keep coming back to one person and you keep trying to remember everything they said to you the other night.

Even, that kind of feeling where you no longer feel the need to torment your annoying co-worker with endless pranks even though he still deserves it.

Yeah. I told you this blog might get boring. And here it is. Now, I guess I could tell all the stories from Friday. How C. called me and asked me to be the “doorman” for a birthday party down at the secret bar, how the party turned out to be for a former student, how I asked C. about Ms. Hold ‘Em and before I knew it she was there, how we sat together listening to live music and holding hands and being all shy about it, how I found out just how much ‘behind the scenes’ work went into the whole set up, how Tattoo Guy sat in my car for 45 minutes at 4 in the morning so that I could say goodnight, how all of my clothes smelled like campfire. And so much more I could add.

But I won’t for now. I’ll revel in the special feeling that a new person has brought to my life. I’ll see what happens next. I have to call her today and, you know, I’m not brilliant on the phone. But I’ll do my best. I’ll be nervous, but I’ll be reminding myself that she’ll be too.

After months of chasing after women whom I could at the same time tell funny, pathetic stories about, I’m not sure what I’ll write here now. But I don’t care. Maybe I’ll bore you, maybe not.

Well, on Sunday I de-smokified my clothes but on Friday I de-smokified my heart. And today I’m beginning to realize that more and more. After months of lying to myself about who and what I wanted, I’m suddenly on the verge of a whole different precipice–but it’s the kind you don’t mind jumping over because there are fluffy pillows of contentment and hominess there to fall into.

At least that’s the plan.

All In, the Sequel

November 2, 2007

Oh, the night didn’t end there (see previous post) though. I headed upstairs to see some karaoke. And, indeed, Tattoo Guy was belting out some Hootie.

Yes, Hootie. Don’t ask me. I wonder myself.

Anyway, we hung out with the Friday bartender and her friend for a while. Yes, that “hanging out” was Tattoo Guy’s whole original purpose in heading up there. So I stayed awhile. TG told me that he had arranged a ride with someone so I could leave anytime. (Yes, which I really should’ve done).

I ran into a drunk former employee of D.’s. No, wait. Extremely drunk. Outrageously drunk. Not loud drunk, mind you. In fact silent, non-verbal drunk. Do every handshake ever invented and end with a shake that goes on forever and ever type drunk. Vacant face drunk. I’d reporton the conversation but there truly wasn’t one. Not even a bit.

But what makes him worth mentioning is that he was hanging out with the Borrower (see late July for details there). And she was pretty drunk herself, which I figured could lead to some kind of interesting shenanigans. So we talked a bit over a cigarette (she had one!), mostly random shite. Okay, I really don’t remember what we talked about. Then she went in a bit and I hung with Tattoo Guy and this group of people I hadn’t seen before (except for the bartender girl). And he had them in stitches. It’s funny how funny someone can seem when you’re the right kinda messed up.

Anyway, a few minutes later, the Borrower returned and I went over to talk to her again. This time she borrowed a cigarette! (Ha! I knew that would happen.) And we were talking about her job and about food. And then somehow, something came up where Tattoo Guy made some kind of comment about her. Of course she’s not someone to let something go and she went over and said something back. Which, of course, led him–backed up by his posse, heh–to say something ruder and, well, that pretty much killed things for me and the Borrower. She gracefully exited rather than go back and forth with him any more and I paid my tab and collected Tattoo Guy (his other ride left 45 minutes before me! oops!) and headed home.

So, here’s the recipe for last night: one part mild disappointment with a dash of hope and one part insanity with a heavy dose of drunk flirting. Add to that three hours sleep. Check to see if last night’s clothes are wearable. Put on. Go to work…

Recapping, part tatu

October 24, 2007

Well, I won’t let the fact that absolutely no one has read this blog in two days deterring me from attempting some sort of update…

Last night I received a surprise text from my friend who “runs” the secret bar. As this was a rarity (asking me to meet him for drinks on a Tuesday) I was sure to comply. As it turns out, he and his girlfriend seem to be in the process of breaking up and he decided to deal with it by not talking to her and drinking heavily instead. Little did he know I’m a bit of an expert in that strategy. Anyway, Tattoo Guy and I were there for quite a while–I scored potential invites to both going out for sushi soon AND a post-Christmas party, cha chang–and then when others were leaving we packed up and I insisted on going to the usual bar.

Why didn’t I just go home? Well, as more astute readers may have guessed, I knew that the Jilted One was working and I hoped that K2 would show up on the scene. So we spent quite some hanging out there with the Jilted One and the Gangster and his girlfriend, as well as other people who passed through. Oh yeah, including a, let’s say, “chubby” girl that I briefly expressed interest in to Tattoo Guy, whom TG decided to chat up “on my behalf” and to tell her that we would be back there tonight! Oh my. The problem was 1) I first saw her when she was sitting at a table, and 2) Tattoo Guy seemed bound and determined to set me up with someone, anyone, you know, what with all the “success” he’s had helping me to work the K2 angle.

Oh yeah, K2. At some point in the evening, K2 and her friend (see the ala Pulp Fiction dancing girl from an April post) breezed in and K2 said hi to Tattoo Guy and me. Then she asked for a cigarette, so TG and I headed outside. When we got out there her friend came out and asked for a cigarette as well. And then they, um, left immediately. Yes indeedy, 45 seconds worth of quality K2 time and only a $40 bar tab to show for it…

What else is there to say…

Multiple Hugs

October 12, 2007

Well, I had a crazy night last night. It didn’t start that way but after a trip north of Rt. 9 with Tattoo Guy and a long visit to the secret bar which included some questionable behavior and a long conversation with a guy that I knew but had never talked to before, we ended up up above at the bar because K2 was there and she is now essentially homeless and Tattoo Guy was taking her in for the night. Now, if I had a proper place to stay I could be the ‘take her in’ person and my life would be golden (heh!) but I don’t so what can ya do?

Anyway, let’s see, while there the Jilted One gave me a huge hug and a kiss when she was leaving (hey, I’m not getting a lot of action so that was special) and another girl who’s leaving the area soon also gave me a big hug and lots of attention.

After closing time (closing time on a Thursday? That’s not smart let me tell you) and then we spent twenty minutes in the parking lot after closing time as Tattoo Guy, K2 and M. worked out who was driving whom where (TG doesn’t drive, K2 couldn’t and M., who likes K2, clearly didn’t want her going home with TG alone). I still have to find out what finally happened. I went home on auto-pilot and swore that next week I wouldn’t repeat this kind of mid-week mistake.

I haven’t been writing much lately, but if you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a K2 kick lately. Troubled, but beautiful and sweet, I can’t help but care about her. Though JetBlue has said some things about her that should make someone at least stop and wonder, I have to ignore her snipey comments until I find out if they’re even remotely true. On the plus side for me–you know, with her going home with Tattoo Guy and telling him that she wanted to “snuggle”– TG told me that he wouldn’t do that because he knows that I adore her. Now, that’s a friend. Me, I would’ve gone home with them (and Tattoo Guy certainly invited me) and done that snuggling myself but I had to work today and I knew I wouldn’t survive the day if I stayed up any later. As it was I got here a couple of minutes after my first class started (ooops).

So, anyway, my pursuit of K2 continues. It’s in a weird place right now because her life is so fucked up. Her roommate has locked her out–she was already kicked out as of November 1st–and she’s struggling with lots of other issues as well. It seems as if our quixotic plans of finding a place together (as friends, mind you, nothing else) have no hope of happening. But at the same time, we see more and more of each other and who knows where that will lead. Tattoo Guy is helping me to be “in” with her while at the same time counciling me against the idea.

And I’m just all in all being a foolish dreamer, picturing us running away to some substance-free utopia where we can relax and talk about books and ideas and things Irish and all those other things I know we both love and cherish and where we can hug and kiss and not worry about all those other ones. But I suppose that, like every other dream, it’s never going to come true, can never happen because life never makes things easy and because there’s a point after which there’s no clear way back to a simple, happy life.

I’m Not Sure

October 9, 2007

I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to sum up this past weekend. So let me start with one crazy thing…

Okay, so, some time ago I asked Tattoo Guy to put in a good word for me with K2. You know, I’m super shy and I figure any help I can get will, you know, help. And, since they talk on the phone a lot–an example of the law of supply and demand in action–I figured he’d throw in some name dropping.

But at the moment I’m not sure what happened. I only can say is that I feel like I’m going to find out tonight that he went a bit overboard. You see, I dropped him off last night at the Jilted One’s house (where K2 and some others were hanging out) and he was drunk. Tattoo Guy is a lot different drunk than sober and I hadn’t really intended drunk Tattoo Guy to do the talking on my behalf. So, anyway, after I was home awhile I sent him a text message. He had spilled a McDonald’s Shake in my car and I felt the need to guilt him about it. Anyway, he replied that he would “Hook me up.” Not sure with what or whom he meant but I sent back a sarky reply that said something like “Oh yeah, I expect K2 to be calling me any minute now.”

And then a fucking minute later she called. Oh fuck. Now, mind you, I didn’t answer because 1) I get terrible reception where I live which makes every call a series of “What was that?” and “I’m losing you.” Hardly the workings of something awesome. And, 2) I really didn’t know what she knew in calling me. Did he tell her to call me randomly? Did he blurt out that I worship the ground she drinks on? What? So I sent him a message telling him I wasn’t able to answer the phone (there were two other calls from his phone too) and Iasked him what the hell he said to her. And he wouldn’t answer me.

So, I’m left here wondering if she knows how much of a freak I am or if she was in black out mode and doesn’t remember the whole incident at all or what. Fucking Tattoo Guy.

Should make tonight pretty interesting.

Oh, and the rest of the weekend–lots of other interesting stuff, including a discussion with K2 about finding an apartment together. THAT would certainly put a damper on this whole teenage lust thing. But did drunk Tattoo Guy manage to put a damper on the whole apartment thing. I’m so confused right now…