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I figure

July 25, 2010

I figure that if I post every year or so, claiming to be ready to start writing again, sooner or later it will actually happen.

Currently, I am living in what I’ve taken to call an “anti-commune.” Several people living together and sharing resources, but, instead of eating lots of falafel and wheat germ, I watch as people drink bottled water and eat veggies exclusively out of cans and such.

So it goes, as has been said.

For some reason I am feeling glum tonight. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I will have the ‘sticktoit’veness’ to come back and write more, but, we’ll see what happens.



June 19, 2009

Dear Decemberists,

Please tell her this: “If you don’t love me, let me go.”

Thank you, Mr. Setback


September 9, 2008

Well, after a very long layoff, I feel myself slowly coming back to this blog. I wish I had the memory to be able to recount all of the interesting developments that occurred over the summer, but I know that much of it is lost in the swirl that is my brain.

For now, I’ll just say that Ms. Hold ‘Em is still a feautured player (though she has retired as Ms. Hold ‘Em) and that the Jilted One has played a surprising role in my saga this summer.

More soon.


May 19, 2008

Historic 2018Blockbuster2019 Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past

Thanks to Jeff Hobbs’ Link Farm, from whence I nicked this.

Odd Times

May 7, 2008

Yesterday’s post–My “Sponsored Links” Mock Me–occurred this past Friday. Let’s see, what to say to add to the story…by Friday night, after a morning spent writing back and forth and being pummelled by venomous words, after an afternoon of sucking it up and apologizing–not just to apologize, but because I realized that I had messed up badly, but unintentionally–I found myself being asked out by MHE for this coming Friday. I didn’t see that coming–in fact, I had expected an extended period of formal and, perhaps cold, formality between us as friends. And then on Sunday she invited me over to watch a movie at the house. And, on Sunday, again for last night. I’m still not sure what brought the crazy rollercoaster back to this place, but–with a sense of reservation and certainly no expectations–I’ve hopped back on for the moment.

These are odd times for me. I suppose there’s still a lot of backfill to give you, dear readers, to truly illustrate how odd these past few weeks have been, but that will come in time. For now MHE is seriously courting me; I’ve ignored the loud warning bells going off in my head. I’m looking at her face and seeing the MHE I saw when we were at our best (which was never all that great considering all the drama); and I’m still falling into that glaze-over I’ve described before–when I’m not with her I can name a thousand reasons not to be; when I am with her, “the sun shines out of her asshole” (is that the quote from Juno?) as far as I can see.

Writing all of this is awkward because, recently, I found myself smitten–and still do–with someone who happens to read this blog. But I can’t not write it. And though I’m falling back in with MHE, I’m doing so with a good sense that the chaos may not be too far away yet again. I’ve even asked a couple of friends to be alert for me seeming head over heels–and, dear readers, feel free to join them in having carte blanche to give me a reality smack. Or, at the very least, when this house of cards crumbles again, don’t hesitate to say: I told you so.

Da Bears

October 2, 2007

In Wilmington–which is a cute little town with lots of shops, and as I discovered, lots of darkish bars where one could spend one’s whole day rather than enjoying the beauty of walking around–the painted bears filled the streets and the shops. If you’re looking for some bear action, though, I should point out that they’ll be gone by this coming weekend…

And, yes, close up these cute creatures can be quite scary. Speaking of scary, how many pictures of these damned bears did we manage to take? Lots and lots and lots, I can assure you…

And one more small bear before I leave you. Is he missing a chunk of ear you ask? Damn, I forgot to check…Oh, and in case your wondering, this bear was up for auction and was going for something like $500. We met another bear who hadn’t been bid on at all and, in the craziness of the moment considered putting in a $50 bid. Luckily, though, we remembered how hard it is to scrape together that much money all at once without resorting to selling prescription drugs to beanheads out in the streets of Newfane or Dover or something…


More Vermont later!

Brattl’boro Shots

July 22, 2007

I tend not to take scenic shots. Feel free to send your caption for this photo…

But, every once in a while a semi-pretty shot is necessary. Brattl’boro is nice, isn’t it?

And then I threw my pants away.

Après Rilke les cigarettes ont coulé…

I’m Just Whining

July 20, 2007

And I’ve written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones…

Well, if you’re a longtime reader you may recall that I brought up the issue of depression a long time ago. I hadn’t mentioned it since because, for months, I was doing great. Coping with issues, keeping focused and organized. All that fun stuff.

But for these last few days I haven’t been all that happy. Sure I’ve had happy moments–some incredibly great moments even. But, as I feared would happen though, I’ve become a disorganized, scattered mess. And I’ve been dwelling rather than doing. And all this is popping up and smacking me around in all sorts of ways. You know, the issues I have are ones that I should be able to cope with without my brain becoming a big, addled mess. But, for the moment, my ability to sort things out and cope with them has jumped the tracks. I don’t know why. It just has.

So, what am I having trouble sorting through…let’s see…

First off, I think this is all coming to a head because I have to teach on Monday–and have to plan the lessons I’m teaching–on a subject that I know little about and have had incredible trouble learning with any sense of surety. Not only am I nervous about how things will turn out, I’m also down on myself for not being able to grasp the subject. I’m supposed to be smart enough to learn any high school subject, right? But who knows how it’ll turn out. On the plus side there, no matter how bad I screw up it’ll all be done in two weeks.

Add to that that I miscalculated how much money I had in the bank and accidentally overdrafted on one of my accounts. I’m so fucking stupid. Again, it’s that disorganization in my brain that screwed myself over. I’m usually so organized with my money and now I do this to myself? My brain is just so muddled right now.

Oh, and on top of that, I’ve had a mysterious physical problem pop up and I’m scared shitless by it and preoccupied with it. I’m hoping it just goes away, because if not I have to call the doctor (which I hate doing in the first place) and then spend the time leading up to my appointment imagining the worst case scenarios. I already am in fact.

And if all that wasn’t enough, my dearest Afternoon Girl is going through a lot of stress herself and, because she is such a close friend of mine, that makes me sad and worried for her. Feeling helpless to fix her difficulties just gets me down even more. I hope the support and advice I’m giving at least helps. I think it does, but I wish I could do more.

And, I’m glad I wrote this, because I just realized that one of the things I haven’t been doing that I should be doing is talking about some of these different things. Holy shit I’m a genious for not even realizing until now that that’s part of the problem–I shut down a coping strategy that I had been using these past few months. 

Anyway, I’ve whined and rambled long enough. I’ll be back with a happier post sometime soon.

See ya.

Dear No Setback,

July 12, 2007

A new feature…questions out of the readers mailbag:

Dear No Setback, if I accidentally injest ten or so fruit flies, is that dangerous to my health?

Apparently not. If you suffered a headache the next day though it could’ve been the wine that the fruit flies were in that caused that, but I doubt it was the fruit flies themselves.

Dear No Setback, I’ve pursued two different women at this local bar I go to. But this geeky guy with the glasses seems to be pursuing them too. They both seem to prefer me because I’m of course better looking than he and have a better job AND I ride a motorcycle and I’m more personable, but how do I deal with him?  

Fuck you. Oh, and buy me a drink.

Dear No Setback, I think it’s time to change the laundry.

That’s not a question, but thanks for the reminder.

Dear No Setback, how was your trip to the beach Sunday?

Good. Thanks for asking. I got some good sun and ate at A&W. Sweet! Oh, but then I had a 4 and a half hour car ride home in the pouring rain. Not so sweet.

Dear No Setback, you still haven’t written about the 4th of July. It’s now the 12th. What gives?

Me. I’m back to work, but there’s no long break for writing time. I’m still planning on catching you up so settle down, dude.

Until later, keep those cards and letters coming. 


May 25, 2007

I’m chomping at the bit to get started on my Script Frenzy script. Unfortunately, according to the rules I can’t start it until June 1. Now, I haven’t looked carefully at the rules, but I assume I’m allowed to pre-write in my head for the next week or so. If not…oh well. Can’t stop that from happening.

Meanwhile, my Seniors just took their final exam. Gone already. It’s hard to believe. I had many of these kids for three or four years. It’s going to be hard to adjust to life here without them.

One of the best ideas I ever had was to have them, as part of their final, write about their favorite memory from our classes together. It’s great, some of the things they remember. It’s also interesting to read their writings as they wax nostalgic about their high school days–even some of the ones who truly hated school.

One of these days I’ll start to share some of their writing with you, dear readers.  For now, it’s back to correcting.